Cause for Optimism on the Planet: High Level Light Infusions

June 8th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Right now there’s cause for optimism on the planet, especially if you’re tuned into the flow of the divine, because there are high-level infusions of light taking place. No, I’m not blind – yes, the shadowstate continues its brash attempts to reset our lives, but that will only work to the degree you allow yourself to be defined by it. The divine flow is accelerating on the planet right now, especially in the higher dimensions of 7D, 6D and 5D. That energy is sure to cascade into our lives providing we pay attention to it.

How can you best harness this energy?

Harnessing Higher Dimensional Downloads

First, you’ve got to soften your inner configuration so as to make it pliable and open to the flow itself. If you’re fixated by the latest dramas and stories playing out by the shadow, or if you’re allowing yourself to tighten down in worry and anxiety about the latest ongoing shenanigans – constrained resource chains for example – then you won’t feel the more subtle inflowing higher perceptions. Poverty consciousness risks overriding them.

Subtle this higher flow may be, but make no mistake, you can channel and embody the energies, in which case you amplify them into this plane – into the physical densities for greater creative flow in your life.

This is going to have a beneficial impact in all aspects of your life: in your relationships, career and general living circumstances. Continue reading to discover the specific activations and infusions that you can currently download from.

Exploring the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions

The Importance of Transcendence

What we’re working to do is transcend the dense physical and the karmic confusion. You do it by letting go of the need for a particular outcome. But that doesn’t mean you disconnect from 3D reality – not at all. Neither does it mean you’ll go wanting. Quite the reverse.

Through harnessing the energy field itself, you’ll create abundantly, it’s just that you have to detach from what it creates – the ego is wanting it to be a certain way. Make no mistake, the flow will flow, and life will create around you in the most magical of ways. Providing that is, we become a channel for the flow.

There’s no need to intention anything – this is a lower-dimensional creativity from the 4D based on ego that cuts across the higher dimensional infusions. We also need to hone perception on what true “abundancy” really means – it’s about feeling held and supported by the divine in your creative expressions. That could manifest as monetary support, if needed, yes. But it’s also about receiving positive feedback loops from the divine that you’re embarked on an aligned path. It’s all about raising your vibration into the next paradigm of existence, which is sure to thrive through the ongoing transformations, but not necessarily in the ways the ego might want it to – we have to break down these restrictions.

So how do we best prepare ourselves to create from the 7D/6D/5D downloads?

How to open the 7D/6D/5D Higher Dimensional Vehicles

Firstly, from the 7D which is accessed through the crown chakra, the key is to be accepting of the “unknowing”. Which means you settle and rest in the unknown without trying to control life’s situations. But this doesn’t mean you simply detach and switch off either. You bring yourself to an alert active attentiveness, where you’re expanding your periphery senses to every subtle nuance happening in the field around you. These are inner senses that reflect into the outer. You start to feel a connective flow wanting to move you in a particular way. It’s crucial to say, this flow happens BEFORE lower mind starts to engage. Lower mind needs to be open enough to respond to it, but not override it. This requires a great deal of practice and mastery in order to apply it to the day-to-day.

It’s the 6D that’s accelerating and getting very exciting right now. On a recent Openhand DIVINICUS retreat the practice of chakra attunements enabled us to accelerate the 6D field, connecting into a general, planetary-wide movement. It’s activating that plane of expressive and intuitive divine sovereignty, that is accessed through the third eye. You’re coming into the dreamstate, intuitively guided to look out into the world, whereupon you’re witnessing reflections of authentic beingness. This causes you to embody more of your natural multidimensional self. On the retreat, I witnessed this acceleration as an interweaving golden light, which it’s clear to me, will underpin the fabric of the new paradigm on earth.

Once the cascading flow descends through you into the 5D, then your being is now becoming a divine co-creator of the moment. You’re starting to weave the field together according to the will of the divine movement. You’re picking up signs and synchronicity, sacred geometry and symbology. Lower mind might not at this point be yet able to make sense of it. That’s okay. We need to respond much more intuitively and spontaneously to this inner movement. The mind then clicks in around it and starts to make sense of it with 3D interpretation. You’ll get visions and higher knowing of the way to go now. It’s crucial that you work with lower mind so it doesn’t override or logic this movement out. You already know what to do. You apply lower mind simply to figure out how to do it.

Making yourself more open to creating with these higher frequency infusions will take a good deal of time and application – it takes mastery. You’ll be tested at every twist and turn because the intervention on the planet is working to capture, distort and pervert these inflows so as to entrap them (and people) in its synthetic agenda.

Sample this Openhand Chakra Attunement Meditation to open your chakras

Calling all Misfits and Mavericks in the Planetary Shift!

For those tuned into the divine, you’re being supported by these accelerating flows, which will ultimately be impossible for the intervention to thwart. You have to have trust in the direction these infusions want to take you, even if that means that in your immediate living circumstances you find yourself in a minority of one – the misfit or the maverick. In so doing, you’re becoming a way-shower and pioneer of the New Paradigm.

The time is now. We must seize the moment and download these infusions into our daily lives for the good of ourselves and all life on the planet. These are exciting and alchemical times. I encourage all tuning in to make the most of them.

This is exactly why at Openhand we’ve been given to bring the planetary “rainbow tribe” together at the upcoming 8/8 Lion’s Gate Sirius Portal opening over the weekend of 5th-8th August 2022. It’s always a period of high alchemy, an opportunity to really download this infusing energy. If you’re inspired and intrigued, you can check out all the details here…

Avalon Rising 22: World Ascension Summit

See you there!


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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