How to Quantum Manifest Calling on Star Being Support

August 16th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I’ve expressed through the magnificent crop circle season this year that I strongly believe benevolent star being nations are breaking through the 4th density karmic layer around the earth and beginning to convene to support humanity’s emergence.

I believe they can help in tangible, practical ways in our daily lives. They’re not here to spoonfeed, nor override the soul’s natural inquiry. However, I believe they can help in weaving a new reality construct that is more supportive. Here’s how we can benefit.

The Authentic Path of the Soul

I’ve always felt tremendous love and support from benevolents in the ether, providing uplifting messages, signs and synchronicity that light the way for you as a soul. Many times it melts my heart and keeps me forging forwards when times have gotten tough.

However, one of the things I’ve often questioned is why do lightworkers, healers and facilitators here often seem so resource constrained? Why do we often have to make do with seemingly so little?

To be clear, the natural movement I’m working with is definitely NOT about intentional manifesting. When you set some mind-based, or even 4D-based, fixed intention to gain resources you’re playing right into the agenda of the Opposing Consciousness. If your plan overlaps with theirs, yes they’ll support you. But is that truly the right path for you?

To me, the path of the soul is about the revelation of you as a being. And actually, when you have very little, or where you experience minimal material success, it’s actually a great cauldron of innovation and growth – it encourages the entrepreneurs of life to dig deeper within themselves and find new soul gifts and qualities.

There’s also poverty consciousness to contend with.

If your soul needs to confront and overcome this, then it may well want to create a landscape that is resource constrained so as to test your real metal and belief in divine support. I’ve always maintained that if you’re invited to climb a mountain, but doubt you have the energy to make it to the top, the question is, “do I have enough to take the first step in that direction?” Assuming so, then take the step. Because the universe will always come to meet you. Then the landscape can change in ways you’d not imagined prior to taking it.

Explore the 7 types of poverty consciousness and how to overcome it

Assuming you have done the inner work, and created the conditions you need to process out any sense of poverty consciousness and karmic limitation, then I’d say you’re ready to receive much greater inflows of energies to support your life and create in a benevolent way that’s more uplifting to humanity, the planet and the shift. That’s where I believe the star beings are drawing close to support us.

In what ways can they help?

Expressing Authentic Soul Frequency

During many recent connections with various of the star being nations, such as the Andromedans, Arcturians, Lyrans and Pleiadians, it’s been made clear to me that thus far, support to humanity on the planet has been challenging and hazardous. The planet is surrounded by a karmic 4D field that’s been exploited by the intervention.

This came spectacularly into view through the bogus pandemic. Fortunately that layer has been strongly exposed and plenty of people are now breaking it down through increased soul sovereignty. The nature of the energy field is changing and so they can start to draw much closer.

The star beings are now ready to help, crucially through the expression of inherent frequencies of being. The soul is a harmonic of different frequencies of expression. We all know about compassion, acceptance and surrender. But what about willpower, drive, commitment, resourcefulness and innovation? What about diplomacy, community creating, and spontaneous alchemy? The soul has many different inherent qualities, and it seems to me, many of the star being nations express a particular ray most strongly.

Take for example the Andromedans who have drawn particularly close during the crop circle season and in my awareness, have created several of them. Read about the experiences:

Andromedan Star Beings supporting the Shift.

What they’re doing through the crop circles represents a huge clue…

3D reality is essentially woven from the 4D – if you can shape the energy field, then this crystallises into form. But crucially, what they’re really doing is harnessing inflows of higher light by witnessing the shaping of sacred geometry. For others it might be signs and synchronicity or patterns of connectivity. Where you can witness and weave these flows from your inherent beingness in the 4D, then that’s going to manifest effectively down in the 3D.

This is where you and I come in.

We can learn to do this ourselves too. But also, we can form creative bridges into various of these benevolent groups who might then amplify our efforts – bringing increased energy and possibility to everything that we do. To be clear, you’ve got to be sure it’s the right group supporting – not a malevolent one that wants to lead you astray and plunder your own energy. There are malevolents that will create a kind of honey trap, drawing you in usually with some great promise, but then railroading you into a side alleyway of diversion.

How to know the difference between these two types of support?

The Nature of Benevolent Support: 4 Ways

Fundamentally, benevolent support does NOT override soul sovereignty or “tell you exactly what to do”. It doesn’t spoon feed. Instead, it reflects back to what you can truly be, HOW you can be. It brings these soul frequencies alive through active resonance – like striking a tuning fork next to you and through your field (where invited).

For example: how to weave the natural inflows of higher consciousness aligned with the wider planetary transition. So this has to begin with beingness and not some hidden need to create from a place of lack. You’re wanting to create for the wider good of humanity and the planet – that’s crucial.

Once you start to recognise emergent soul beingess within you in any given moment, well now you are riding a wave that others can come in on and support. Support how exactly?

4 Ways the Benevolent Star Beings can help:

1. Firstly, they will be much more present in your reality through signs, synchronicity and symbology – sacred geometry for example. They’ll highlight these flows in the field so you can see them more clearly. As you pay attention to this spiking energy, where you recognise the patterning and act on it, then you’re weaving reality from the benevolent inflows of light.

2. Secondly, they can amplify the weaving effect by bringing energy to it, whereupon you’ll start to recognise your creative direction starts to manifest more tangible depth, breadth and resources.

3. You’ll be naturally guided to places, situations and circumstances where the energy field itself is going to be more uplifting and supportive.

4. You’ll find it easier to make connections that support your life and your work. You’re starting to naturally draw and convene these souls through the field.

Opening a Wider Internal “Pipe”

All of this is great news. It is however also going to be hard work. There’s no way around that. It’s going to require you to open a wider internal “pipe”, meaning the inflows of stronger energy will bring your karmic shadow side quickly to the surface. So you’ll need to have tried and trusted processes to thoroughly process through this density – crucially it is to take ownership and not cast blame outside of yourself.

Explore Openhand’s Breakthrough process for quickly processing activating karma

Also you must be in a strongly aligned way of living. By which I mean that your life’s orientation must be in alignment with these inflows – basically you’re coming more from the natural flow of life with active attention and responding to feeling flows rather than each day being fixed with intention of what you “should” be doing.

It’s going to be essential to streamline your life and strip out unnecessary distractions and diversions. Make sure the people around you are resonant and supportive of your natural expressions – if not, at least not obstructive. You’re going to be tested empathically, feeling much more of the field, and intellectually by weaving much more of the synchronistic patterns. So your life must be streamlined to support this.

Inner purification will be crucial – a higher vibrational diet; not distracting too much on social media; working with emotional boundaries in relationships; developing strong meditational practices.

Whilst surrender to how the flow guides you is essential, also there must be an all-in commitment to weaving this energy and creating for the greater good and upliftment of the planet. You must be ready and willing to transcend the machinations of the ego, overcome fear, poverty consciousness and any inner limitation. The strong inflows of energy will be there to support you. But we must be prepared to step into them and meet them.

Superlative Creative Inflows

Where we are able to act in this way, the creative flows will be superlative, magical, highly alchemical and uplifting. You’ll witness and feel supported by a heavenly “choir of angels”. What’s more, you’ll start to recognise and draw in the presence of star brothers and sisters in the ether. Those that are now drawing close with love, upliftment and tangible support. It’s like a veritable “army” of benevolence is materialising around us. It’s high time to benefit from this and learn to call on them in this pivotal moment of great transition.

It’s the primary reason Openhand was given to convene the World Ascension Summit, Avalon Rising. The 8/8 Lion’s Gate is a key portal opening in the field, that has been pointed to in one of the most outstanding recent crop circles. We will be convening the star being nations during the Summit and exploring how you can work most effectively with them. It promises to be an extraordinary connection.

You can find out all about Avalon Rising at this link here:
Avalon Rising 22: World Ascension Summit

Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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