Ancient Pleiadian Reptilian Dynamic that Humanity Must Heal

September 20th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There is an ancient Pleiadian Reptilian dynamic of victim and oppressor at play within humanity with its origins further afield in the galaxy. It affects many relationships. On the one hand there’s the need to be protected and looked after; on the other, the compulsion to control and manipulate. Since the human genome contains the DNA of both star nations, it’s a dynamic we all need to pay attention to and resolve out, if people are to have balanced relationships.

The Lemurian Epoch

Original humans were seeded here by benevolent influence that goes right back to the early hominids 4-6 million years ago. You see it in how the genetics transformed in leaps, with each enhancement being secured in place by a chromosome inversion. It was driven by the collective soul of humanity yearning for individual expression. I’ve shared the evidence of this in the Openhand Book DIVINICUS

Higher dimensional benevolence helped them during this Lemurian epoch. Hominids had already been greatly influenced by reptilian DNA that found its way here through directional panspermia – from Draco, sent on meteors in earth’s primordial history. The much later influx of Pleiadian influence was designed to soften the controlling grip of the raptor through love, joy and a more playful acceptance.

It’s an ancient dynamic which is still very much at play in relationships today, and one that we each need to evolve beyond so that our relationships may ascend from co-dependency. The raptor energy needs to control and consume. The ability to thrive in harsh 3D environments, to compete and succeed is deeply encoded within its make-up. Paradoxically, these traits can be highly attractive to Pleiadian energy – which likes to be looked after and not have to struggle to exist.

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Understanding the Raptor Energy in Humanity

When a human embodies strong raptor energy, it can be an enormous help here in this dense earth environment in a society based on competitive capitalism. In a way, “marketing” is playing on its ability to program through mental conditioning – creating the perception of need. When that energy activates and channels through you, it drives and thrives, it’s all get up and go. It simply doesn’t know how to give up.

Although in many ways the energy might seem like an anathema to spiritual awakening, it happens to be highly attractive to the opposite polarity – the playfulness of the Pleiadian, who excites in being taken care of. It’s an exhilarating power that they get swept up within. To the reptilian energy, it’s like finding a honey pot. When strong energy is constantly barreling through you, there’s a need to soften it so as to relax and feel satiated for a while. Of course it plays out not least in sexual interplay. But then expresses out into all walks of life.

Raptor energy has highly beneficial traits, just as does the sweetness of surrender. However, it also causes a disconnect from the surrender to the natural flow of life – it disconnects from the divine. And so when people start to discover their more surrendered connection, there’s an understandable desire to ditch that controlling energy very quickly, like hot coals.

At the same time, this expressed raptor is animating a natural expression of the soul – the ray 1 of drive and willpower; the commitment and focus to get things done; to achieve daily goals and aims. This is why so many people (perhaps all) have reptilian entities embodied in their denser layers – often connecting through the base chakra. The Pleiadian energy of the ray 2 causes souls to go out of body due to the density here – the raptor embeds itself in the unconsciousness.

It’s crucial for humanity to evolve beyond this limiting dynamic.

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Confronting the Raptor/Pleiadian dynamic in You

Contrary to what any spiritual identity might desire, it’s necessary to get into all these deeply hidden aspects of being – the skeletons in the closet! Hence the raptor consciousness must be activated, NOT suppressed – otherwise that simply leads to denial and the continuance of subconscious karma. Let the strong expressions come up – in the gym, the yoga studio, the dance hall, what you consume, and within sexual intimacy. But whilst in these practices, be studiously inwardly attentive. Notice where this thriving competitive energy wants to take over; where you lose yourself in blind moments of unconsciousness or where you go out of body in bliss.

These are the areas to work in by softening through the tightness and into the Sacred Ground of Being – essentially you sense which chakra has shut down and open through it by letting go of the need for an outcome. You drop back into the sense of presence.

In relationships, if you know you express a strong degree of loving joy, be careful that your stronger partner doesn’t take over. Be clear about your own path. Let the sense of commitment, drive and will that you witness in your partner activate in you. You can only appreciate the external reflection of it because that energy is already inherent within.

Likewise, if you know you have a strong raptor energy, but you get the sense of completeness and letting go through your partner, look for those moments of divine surrender in yourself. When everything gets tight and controlling within, pierce the density through the breath and the sweetness of simply letting go. That possibility already exists within you.

Watch carefully your addictions. For the raptor it will often be some soft drug to dampen the excessive power – alcohol, nicotine, weed or dense food. For the Pleiadian, it’s what takes you out of body in bliss – coffee and raw chocolate for example. By achieving a balance of both energies, we can be strong but playful and embodied – dancing in and out of the density, applying the different harmonics of being. We’re connected with the divine, yet thriving in the density too.

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The Yin-Yang Balance

In working with this yin-yang dynamic on a daily basis, humanity can benefit from BOTH aligned energies. It’s something I’m witnessing coming up a lot on the Openhand seminars, courses and retreats – especially lately, as the raptor energy has gone into fight and flight mode with the loss of its leadership here. It’s the ideal opportunity to resolve and integrate this energy. Likewise, for those with strong ray 2 pleiadian consciousness, there’s the opportunity to attune the ray 1 by taking back sovereignty, direction and commitment to your own journey.

The reptilians are readying to leave, many already are. That’s a massive step change in the evolution of humanity and the planet. It offers the possibility of being able to thrive in life, yet remaining connected to the multidimensional nature of the divine. It’s a crucial step in the evolution of the 5D Human DIVINICUS.

If you resonate and recognise this dynamic at play within you and your life, get involved with the Openhand work. The consciousness of Openhand has tremendous experience both through the history of the planet and other constellations too. We’re here to help.

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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