Mastering the Art of Transcendence: Essential 5D Insight

November 15th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A new paradigm is beckoning the soul and the planet shifts progressively into 5D. But this is no easy process, not something to sit back and let happen. There must be a full-on, all-in, active engagement to progressively peel back the veils. That’s where mastering the art of daily transcendence is so essential. You’re feeling intimately into every situation that arises, whether harmonious or dissonant. Here’s how to approach it and gain maximum benefit from it.

Becoming Intimately Intimate with Life

The One in you is not found by distancing yourself from life, but becoming intimately intimate with it. And that’s the ultimate key to transcendence: sensitively engrossed in the sensuality of life, yet not at all lost – deeply exploring and feeling into it. This goes for ALL experiences, especially including the painful ones.

Something may have happened to you: an accident or illness. But before trying to heal or get it fixed, the crucial thing is to realise that you manifested it for a reason. Then to accept what you’ve created and work into it.

Let’s say you contracted a serious physical health problem, such as cancer. You may be feeling pain in key areas of your body, which might be challenging you on all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. Yet in your soul, you know you’re not physical. So the “illness” invites a direct confrontation with the places you identify with the physical, and at a cellular level.

Yes, it’s intense. Yes, it may seem completely unfair. But at the same time, it’s a massive growth opportunity. Because it’s through intense challenges such as these, that we forge soul and grow.

Dealing with Bone-Crunching Initiations on the Spiritual Path

Lost in Time

This transcendence though is not something to practice every now and then. Especially now and the Shift goes exponential and the whole of the reality construct is terraforming, the real place to be is in the quantum field BEFORE life crystallises. Then you may bring your consciousness to bear in co-creating a favourable and harmonious reality.

So transcendence needs to become a daily practice. Take whatever situation you find yourself in, immerse yourself completely; feel into all the nuances of it; be present, be the observer; then ride the wings of the soul THROUGH the experience.

It reminds me of a favourite coffee shop on the volcanic Island of La Palma, where in the past, we’ve held regular Openhand Retreats. The place is aptly called “El Time”, and it has an absolutely magnificent view, across a vast swathe of the island. It’s a bit of a tourist photographic haven, but if you get up there early enough, then you can enjoy some peace and quiet before it gets busy.

I was drinking in the panorama, feeling the expansiveness of it, using a favourite Breathing Meditation to intensify the feeling of it, when it seemed like the whole of me had simply dissolved into the landscape. I was flying in it, reveling in it, an intimate part of it.

Very quickly I’m lost in time, “El Time” had completely disappeared as I melted into the canvas of life itself. I must have been transcendent like this for more than an hour, when suddenly my attention was drawn to a small crowd of tourists who’d gathered now, photographing the resplendent panorama.

Be completely in the Moment

I couldn’t help thinking, “stop photographing, just be completely in the moment, feel it”. At which point, a beautiful kestrel rose up the cliff in front of us and hung in the air, and yet still people were photographing. It struck me how disconnected life is when you’re distanced from it. How isolating it is to make yourself that separated identity. Rather than feeling into it, with the breath, and totally immersing yourself in the experience of the bird. 

As the kestrel hung majestically in front of us, riding the spiraling thermals, it was a totally superlative peak experience – completely sublime. But most importantly, rather than being separated from it, taking photographs of it “out there”, it was “in here”. I’d become a part of the experience, at-one with the kestrel, hovering on the breeze above the breathtaking panorama.

And it’s not just about that particular experience of itself. Such peak experiences forge soul and teach you something crucial about your internal configuration – how do you adjust internally to take maximum advantage of the flow of life itself? It’s in these moments where there’s the potential for maximum growth.

The Shift to 5D

Our planet, and all life on it, is shifting into a new paradigm in the 5D vibration. But it’s not something to wait for – you CAN’T wait for it and have it arrive. It requires an active participation now, in all aspects of your life, all situations and circumstances. You integrating and embodying the higher consciousness here and now.

That’s what I worked to convey in this video, shot on the magical Island of La Palma following an Openhand retreat. I was literally free-wheeling my way back to the airport and capturing footage at the same time…

I’m thrilled to say, Openhand will be back on the Island of La Palma holding a 7-day retreat in February 2023. For full details of this and our other events, check out our Events Calendar within our Ascension Academy…

Openhand Events December to April 2023



Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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