5D Shift: The Merge Between Heaven and Earth Taking Place

December 13th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The crop circle season in the UK this year was simply astronomic, with plentiful Star Being Nations communicating through the sacred geometry. They’re drawing ever closer to support the shift, which is magical to behold. But how can they help humanity in a practical way? This was the question I asked of them at the opening of the Lion’s Gate Sirius Portal back in August. They made it clear that I would be answered. I do believe we are already seeing powerful infusions backed by tangible results.

4D Astral Blocking Belt

The 4D astral belt around the earth has been a source of great blocking energy by the Intervention. It’s essentially cut the mainstream of humanity off from higher dimensional awareness for many thousands of years. Benevolence has been well aware, but what we have to understand, is that humanity has also manifested this shadow due to his own karma – that of giving up soul sovereignty without true discernment for example.

Plenty of people are waking up around the planet. Infusing cosmic energy is amplified as our solar system moves through the highly energised galactic photon belt. It’s activating soul, on a wide scale. Meanwhile, the shadowstate has gone into fearful reactivity, and now even more souls are awakening due to its plandemonium game of charades.

However, even if benevolence wanted to, it simply couldn’t unplug the matrix. Humanity has chosen it; the Homo Sapiens DNA has been hard-wired into it. But plenty are progressively transforming, untangling from the programming, and beginning to break free. Thus the matrix is becoming decidedly shaky – its very foundations rocked to the core, as strongly reflected very symbolically in the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Star Beings Coming in on Rays of Consciousness

Whilst it’s still cloudy on the surface, you’d be forgiven for thinking not much has changed or opened up – that the shadow still has the upper hand. You’d be very wrong. The multidimensional landscape is terraforming in the most catalytic of ways. And, as the cracks in the 4D astral blocking layer break open, higher dimensional light is infusing. For anyone sitting daily in meditation, you can start to feel the etheric frequencies of our star being brothers and sisters.

They’re coming in on nine key ones, seven of which we’ve detailed diagrammatically here below…

Learn to resonate on each frequency and you start to embody that new sense of beingness. Since the space-time-continuum, by the Law of Attraction, bends around what you are being, then you start to shape all the various aspects of your life differently. The external becomes the authentic harmonic reflection of your new higher self. Life becomes increasingly heavenly.

Activate these Key Frequencies in Openhand’s 5D Ascension Program

But what about the tangible evidence happening right now?

Greatest Computational Feat in Human History

When I saw the Andrasta Crop Circle, created by the Andromedans back in August, it was clear to me that one of the many symbologies encoded within it, referred to the Ethereum Blockchain – specifically the merge between heaven and earth…

It’s been described as the greatest computational feat in Human history – the Merge of the Ethereum Blockchain from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, which nine teams with over 100 developers have worked for years to pull off. It’s been likened to rewiring a fleet of jetliners, together carrying thousands of passengers, whilst in mid-flight. Many commentators considered it would either be impossible or beset by humungous teething errors. Yesterday, September 15th, the merge was completed successfully. Smoothly. Seemingly without a hitch.

I can’t begin to express just how phenomenal this is for humanity, society and the shift. It’s been made clear to me that Star Being support has been very much involved with guidance, direction and intuitive suggestion. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are successfully breaking the stranglehold of the financial mainstream. They’re punching holes in the dam and the water is now rushing through.

You may find the technology befuddling. You may not be invested. Yes, the fakestream is desperately trying to constrain it. No matter, they won’t be able to stop it. It’s going to help us mediate through this great transformation in the years ahead. It has been designed that way.

Tipping of the Iceberg: Much More to Come

I do believe this represents substantial proof that we are being helped and transformation is happening. These higher frequencies of awareness are breaking through. And there is yet much more to come – other Star Being Nations to help churn up the limiting density and level an unbalanced playing field. I’ll be sharing this in due course. For now, I feel to celebrate this critical crypto shift. I do believe it signifies, in the most practical of ways, that we can be very positive about the future.

It is our aim here at Openhand to ensure people coming through the work capitalise on these amazing infusions of light.

If you resonate, explore the Openhand ground-breaking work…

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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