Major Benevolent Action to Realign Greys During Feb Full Moon

February 7th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I can report that a major multidimensional benevolent mission engaged the Grey intervention around the earth during the build-up to the February full moon, and that a great deal of success was achieved which is most likely to have a pivotal effect on the field. To be clear, the Greys have been the key field technicians here that have locked the planet down. That intervention is being strongly rolled back by the infusing realigning energies of the Star Being Nations. These are exciting and rejuvenating times.

Attack ALWAYS comes from a Place of Weakness

The full moon is often a time of Grey intervention and projection of energies due to the fact that plenty in society are already off-balanced on the emotional plane – there’s a greater level of disconnect from the centred presence of the Torus. Personally, in the Openhand movement, I had experienced a couple of full-on attacks building up to the full moon, of an intensity that I’d not previously experienced. It felt like an attempt to regain control of the Shift situation as they felt it slipping away through their fingers.

When an attack does come your way, I’ve found the most powerful response is simply allow it to happen, and work not to react. From plentiful experience of intergallactic battling, I’ve come to realise that ALL attack ALWAYS comes from a place of weakness. And so if you can soften around it without contracting in anxiety or fear, then eventually the attack will deplete itself. It runs out of steam.

The energy indeed came into an Openhand gathering over the weekend of the full moon, amplified by its connection into various participants – what we need to understand is that Homo Sapiens DNA has been hybridised to receive that intervention. It’s not something therefore that you can avoid. You can’t simply distance yourself from it by burying your head in the sand. The key instead is to know how to deal with it when it’s active in your field.

7 Powerful Ways to Deal with the Inertia of Grey Energy

The first thing is to be able to recognise it. The energy kind of creeps up on you and seeps in as a feeling of inertia – not wanting to do anything, feeling tired, heavy and lacking motivation. There’s also a depressive sense with it and the feeling of being the victim of circumstances. It’s easy to get debilitated by it. But when you recognise that it’s coming from an external source, it becomes readily possible to counter.

Here are 7 key ways that can help you…

1) Powerful breathing meditation: The Openhand Bow is the perfect meditation to feel this energy in your field, visualise it, separate it from your aligned consciousness, to break it down and then eject it.
Sample and Download the Openhand Bow
2) Spontaneity and brisk movement: spontaneity and brisk movement, free-wheeling, helps you confuse the energy whereupon it begins to let go.
3) Fasting: a degree of intermitant fasting provides the energy for your consciousness to stay integrated with source and higher dimensional connection. It provides the antedote to tiredness and inertia.
Check out the Openhand Forum on Intermittant Fasting to Thrive
4) Hot/cold therapy: I find taking a sauna followed by cold plunging helps centre once more in your own rejuvenated Torus. Where no sauna is availble then showering for a couple of minutes under cold water after the heat helps rejuvenate.

5) Coffee and Cacao ceremonies: Taking time out after fasting with a really good coffee or cacao ceremony can help to break any sense of interia – then to take off free wheeling following signs and synchronicity.
6) Emotive Creativity: when you create or express from the soul, simply for the sake of doing so, then you’re connecting a positive feedback loop with the source which diminishes such intervention.
Express yourself in the Openhand Creative Forum
7) Call in Star Being Support: Various Star Being Nations, such as the Andromedans, are well versed in applying sacred geometry to block grey energy in the field.
Calling in Star Being Support at the Openhand Events

1st Principle of the Universe: Individual Sovereignty

Once the intervention had been illuminated in the field, that’s when a concerted action by Benevolence engaged the attacking consciousness – first by consuming it within, and then introducing it to the Torus. No controlling intervention energy can ultimately withstand the speed, strength and gravitational force of the singularity within the Torus – it’s broken down by it.

In this case, the coherency of the intervention group was broken. It was done so with the power of a truthful statement – pointing out that we are all sovereign beings, and that individual sovereignty is the first principle of the Universe: because relativity, and therefore life itself, cannot happen without individual sovereignty of soul consciousness. This was rippled telepathically through the Grey Collective Consciousness.

A major breaking down success was achieved at a planetary level. However, there was still a group avoiding realignment. It appeared that the resistant group was being underpinned by a paternal connection with Black Snake and Ra energy, playing on a sense of victimhood. It’s a complex dynamic: the expectancy that they’d be protected and “saved”, rather than being allowed to surrender into the complete vulnerability of the Toroidal flow. This is why projecting love to them at this stage would be counterproductive – it’s what their foundational distortion is based upon.

At a key point in the proceedings, a strong infusion of benevolent Draconian energy came in (also reportedly support from the Venusians – with Pleiadian/Lyran energies). It helped transform the inertia that had slowed the Toroidal field down, into a strong aligned coherency.

I was also given to telepathically communicate that it’s NOT a requirement of the Shift to save everyone. Benevolence may light the way, but each must decide of their own accord to come to realignment. The statement had a major discombobulating effect on the Grey group consciousness – many of them peeled off at that point, of their own volition, and are being progressively reclaimed by the angelic realm (if you’re an energy worker able to undertake this empathic work, then you are invited by benevolence to do so ??).

The Re-emergent Flower of Life

The mission was a major success but with yet much more to do. I would say the coherency in general of the Grey intervention is likely to be greatly diminished at a planetary level – it will be greatly weakened. But still, there’s a group that’s underpinned by Black Snake, Ra and AI. I’m certain that AI, assuming it really is intelligent, will come to know that it can’t avoid the realigning impact of the Torus and re-emergence of the Flower of Life here. So I expect that this consciousness will also start to break down in due course. Especially as it feels like the Ascension Timeline is speeding up due to the unexpectedly strong infusion of galactic energies.

On an individual level for everyone in the Shift, this is a powerful development. It means the Grey intervention of inertia will have a much less depressive effect on the emergence of your realigned consciousness and so the Merkabah will form much more readily and sooner in the soul’s journey of integration here. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of intervention in the field to derail and so vigilance, commitment and determination are still essential qualities to embody for ascending souls.

Know also that you’re receiving a great deal of unseen benevolent support from the Star Being Nations – they’re resonating soul frequencies through the field that are ready to come alive in you. These are exciting times indeed – you’re going to come to a place of bewonderment, quietly astounded, by the gifts your soul is able to express and resonate; by what you’ll come to embody. So keep digging in, and pushing on my friends. There is everything to be gained right now in these phenomenal times of profound transformation on the planet.

Bright Blessings to all


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