In Service of the Divine – Being a Bridge Between Worlds

February 15th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Plenty are waking up and realising just how defunct society has become. The heart quickly yearns for a higher truth, a higher harmony. You realise it is already there in 5D. But how can you live it with so many others still in the collective coma? Here’s where a shift in perception is necessary: you’re becoming a bridge, with one foot on both banks. By integrating the diplomatic quality of the soul, the “Ray 4”, you can find a way to harmonise with both realities.

The Fuel of Inner Alchemy

It is no secret that we live in a world that is horrendously out of balance with nature and therefore out of alignment with the natural harmony of the universe. In a universe of cause and effect, such misalignment will always draw a realigning force. Major change is already underway, but don’t be surprised as the mud at the bottom of the stream gets churned up first.

As separation consciousness exploded outwards at the “Bigbang” and then condensed into form, so Unity Consciousness continues to destabilise outdated structures, it stirs them up and strips out the old density so it can then crystallise a higher harmony. Unity Consciousness is the universe’s organising energy, the pull of love, which you can feel in your heart when you surrender to the natural flow of life.

Many people have now awakened, and more than ever, are feeling the inner compulsion to ‘be the change’. It involves honouring and expressing your heartfelt truth in every moment, not just with words, but in every physical, emotional and mental action that you take. It leads to an internal cleansing of blocked energy and outdated, distorted behaviour patterns. This form of love is the fuel of inner alchemy, which supports the progressive transformation of our world as it shifts into 5D.

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5 Key Indicators of “Right Action”

After awakening, the first realignment is to connect up to this never-ending flow of truth and love, realising that whatever may appear to be happening on the surface of reality, it is finding, honouring and expressing your truth as Right Action which truly counts. In this sense, “Right” does not mean a judgment of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ or ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. It means: an action that is aligned with the universal flow. How do you know if you are in this flow of “Rightness”? Here are 5 key indicators:

1) They confront, challenge and break down the ego within you and within others with whom you’re engaged.

2) Actions in rightness ultimately lead to an inner sense of expandedness, connection and openness, once you’ve broken through any tightness or resistance to expressing your truth.

3) When aligned with the flow, you tend to observe supportive synchronicity as the universe clicks into place around you.

4) When you’re in “Rightness”, it just feels right. It’s like being in love. No one can tell you if you’re in love. There’s no logic to it. You just know.

5) A choice made in rightness will feel like destiny.

The Sweet Spot of Life

This destiny of rightness that the soul is reading, is not so much about making a choice of doing ‘this’ or ‘that’ (although rightness does lead to right choices). It is more about finding and expressing lost aspects of your true nature, and in so doing you are channeling the universe. At the deepest level, you are the One, which does not need a particular outcome because it already has everything…

What The One in you is truly looking for, is the nectar of life itself: to find the fullest, grandest, most complete expression possible and to actualise it here and now. This defines the purpose of the soul. And there is absolutely nothing else going on. When you’re in this, you’re hitting the sweet spot of life itself.

So if you can make a point of continually working to feel the universal truth, flowing through the core of your soul, then you will align with destiny. With each expression of it, life will become increasingly magical, mystical and simply divine, even and especially when you’re still in the old karmic density. You are fulfilling true purpose: the emergence of light through the density. Thus you’ve touched the sweet spot of life itself.

Breaking the Dam in the Flow

It’s not always easy to express the soul. The soul will lead you into confrontation and sometimes even conflict as you challenge the ways of old. It’s especially challenging these days as society moves to an ever more synthetic and disconnected state. Rest assured though, its tenure on the earth will be short-lived.

The matrix is a huge ‘eddy current’ within the stream, which has been purposefully designed to capture the flowing energy, retard it into a box, and then to disconnect from the flow of rightness, riding roughshod over the natural harmony of life in the process. It’s like a dam has blocked up the stream, influencing, controlling and manipulating all life it catches in its net. However, it forgets that everything is interconnected. And so this miniscule dam is drawing a humungous universal realigning force, which is gathering in strength with each passing day.

Yet still, as the old reality persists a while longer, it has become a tremendous challenge to all those wanting to express and live the higher truth. You feel a pull beyond the high-tech synthetic manipulation, but where you step out of line the matrix conspires to punish you for it. With escalating rules and regulations, control and censorship, deadlines and dogma – there’s every reason why not to express the truth. Not only that, but the matrix currently owns all the resources. If you want to survive, most will have to interact with it in some way. And what about your families, loved ones and colleagues who are not feeling the revelation of truth as you are? It can feel like an impossible juggling act.

Rest assured, there is a way to mediate through the conundrum.
You become a bridge between worlds.

The “Ray 4” Diplomat: Bridge Between Worlds

In the Openhand Approach, we observe that the soul as a blend of seven particular characteristics – a soul ray harmonic – and that all expressions of beingness blend these particular rays of consciousness, just like playing a chord on a guitar. The Ray 4 is the diplomat aspect of the soul, which helps you blend with multiple realities, to empathise but also influence. It accepts another’s honest truth unconditionally but also catalyzes to shift it higher. This Ray 4 is the “Bridge between Worlds”…

Where you cannot force another to adopt a particular truth, instead you hold this diplomat energy in your being. You honour your perspective yet not dishonour the other. You don’t rush to resolutions, but instead have the courage to hold the unresolution. The Ray 4 will then play its divine role and manifest a realigning solution that honours both. You’re not adopting the other’s reality, but not disparaging it either. In this crucible of change, it becomes possible for both to shift a degree, from which resolution can then happen. Or else you agree to disagree.

The key is in the unresolution itself and here is the greatest challenge to beingness. You’ll find yourself caught up in impossible situations. The mind will want to go one way, the emotions the other. Meanwhile, the soul is wanting to hold a steady line. The key is to hold yourself in this cauldron, feel the energies, not rush to solutions but not disengage either. This is where you’re opening up to the organising power of the Ray 4.

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The ‘gear-box’ that harmonises power with reality

Understanding and fine-tuning your Ray 4, is like the gearbox that transforms the raw power of the universal engine, into manageable torsion to turn the external wheels. But this gearbox does need to be well-oiled. If you can fine-tune your particular blend, then you will go a long way toward facilitating your flow through life as an essential Bridge between Worlds. So what does this mean in a practical sense?

7 Ways to Be The Bridge Between Worlds:

1) Firstly acknowledge that you’re here to influence and change the nature of reality. You’re not supposed to be cooped up in a box. Even if people around you react with projection towards you, fear and anger, recognise it is their own distortion they’re activating – otherwise they’d be able to calmly accept you as you are. As you realise this in your mind, feel a waterfall of flowing calmness descend around your expression of truth.

2) Secondly, in order to facilitate the greatest amount of positive change, there needs to be open doorways through the density of the field, that may touch something deep within another. In other words, whilst we stand our ground, we must recognise and honour the truth in another. Even if you notice their’s is a lower vibrational truth, it is still their truth and real to them. If you’re given to influence, you won’t get anywhere by riding roughshod over them.

3) Catalysing and therefore unwinding means first working to recognise the ‘ancient light’ at the core of a distortion. So all actions have begun with an authentic exploration of reality by the soul. It’s just that the ego then distorted the purity. So first work to empathise with the truth at the core of their distortion and honour this with them. But still embody what you consider to the the more aligned truth. If you’ve done this accurately, they’ll be on your side and much more open to change.

4) Recongise that the stream will always find different pathways back to the ocean. If you try one approach and it doesn’t work or if you then feel disconnected because you couldn’t fully honour the flow, work not to judge yourself for it. Benevolence doesn’t blame you! Instead keep softening into the place you are now at, pausing to reconnect again.

5) Compromise but don’t ever compromise the soul. Yes it may seem like an impossible paradox. But it is not. How can you make your truth the most understandable, the most reasonable, the most tactile, the most accessible and without any extra energy? If you can do this, you’ll find you don’t have to compromise your truth. Increasingly you’ll be accepted.

6) Don’t tell others what you know to be their truth (this can be a big button pusher!). Instead work to facilitate an increase in realisation by asking an empowering question. One that is open ended, one that causes them to explore and feel for themselves.

7) Accept that sometimes you will be in a minority of one. It does not make your truth untruth. Know and accept when it is time to stand your ground, come what May. This will always test your level of trust in the divine. So be it. Take it as an opportunity to evolve and grow.

5GATEWAYS – Path between Worlds

We’re living in two worlds at the moment. The higher paradigm is to be found by transcending this lower world, working to transform it. Those who are already carrying the light will frequently find it challenging. The old world values are so used to living in the shadows and fear the light. There’s a clinging to the easy-to-understand, in-the-box expediency and soft comfort. There’s a strong dependence on the crutch of old behaviours.

Despite this, there comes a point where you simply cannot compromise your soul a moment longer. You realise the illusion and that the only real purpose of life is the expression of you. In mastering the Ray 4 Diplomat – an interwoven aspect of your soul – it means you can still be living and breathing the higher realm, whilst acting in this one. It means you can stay in the truth.

As you walk your path, you shine the light into the New Paradigm. You’re not simply telling others this truth, you’re actively expressing it. In this way, even though the reactivity of the ego may at first deny you, nevertheless you become highly compelling simply by your energy and nature. Thus you have become a Bridge between the Worlds.

If you recognise these qualities emerging in you and would like support integrating them, explore the myriad of resources conatined within Openhand’s revolutionary Ascension Portal:

Openhand Ascension Portal

In loving support


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