Activating the Power of Higher Mind

By Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s much talk in spiritual circles about ‘setting our intention’; ‘envisioning the things we want’ or ‘manifesting our reality’. How easily such things slip into the psyche and collective vocabulary. What if though, we’re still being led astray by the ego, albeit a more subtle form of ego? What if instead, there is a reality that is shaping according to the natural flow of the universe? What if by aligning with that flow, you could amplify it and bring amazing harmony not just to your life, but the world around? I’m speaking of activating the Power of Higher Mind…

You’re already creating your reality

Here’s the key point:

When we speak of intentioning or envisioning what we want, we’re actually cutting across the natural flow of what is already unfolding and happening. We’re creating an illusionary bubble, which is bound to burst at some point. The fact is, you’re already creating your reality, just as it is. The real key therefore, is to figure out why you created it in the first place?

We’re living in a reality where we’ve been separated from the higher self. This has happened for a variety of reasons but for the now, we can simply attribute it to humanity’s karma. As a result, we’ve been living in a bubble, disconnected from the higher flow of life. It is of course what some people aptly refer to as ‘the matrix’.

But when the reconnection with higher self happens, and the magic begins to kick in, the mind still tries to own the show for a while…”how can we use this new found ‘secret’ to shape the world how we want it?” And here’s the point: ‘want’ is always ego based, and founded on a sense of lack. Even if you feel good about what you’re manifesting, you’re still identifying your sense of completeness with something in the mirror – with something physical, material.

It’s all about self-realisation

When I experienced a life-threatening car-crash, suddenly expanding into multiple realms, I realised one crucial truth that literally turned my life on it’s head:

“There is just one underlying purpose to each moment of life:
which is to reveal an aspect of truth about yourself, to yourself.”

It may sound simple, but then the best realisations always are. It can profoundly change the way you look at life and what you get from it. In realising every moment is designed purely to realise an aspect of being, then situations cease to be about trying to get something – to gain a physical outcome. When you switch to figuring out what the moment is telling you about you, then you’ll always find something and therefore always be a winner. Even if you are ‘losing’!

What’s more, in aligning with this underlying purpose, the universe will always provide a vehicle through which to express. And I mean ‘vehicle’ in the widest sense: it will always provide some form of exchange, circumstance or situation. And miraculously, always the energy and resource to follow this calling. You will never be left ‘wanting’.

Always ‘winning’

There’s a vital reason for this which would greatly benefit one to grasp. All authentic creative action, which is aligned with the universal flow, comes first through higher mind. Higher mind is vastly different to lower, rationalising mind. It’s much more ‘artistic’. It doesn’t function according to logic and it doesn’t tighten around the need for an answer, rather it is happily contemplating abstract phenomenon. Like for example: “what is the true nature of abundance?”

With such a contemplation, it will draw to us other sentient beings who also have something to reveal, realise and reflect. Each soul will be realising a different aspect of the same issue. If I can spot the patterning that is concealed and yet yearning to reveal itself within these interactions, then I’m onto a real ‘winner’. Just by bringing the pattern into awareness and holding the open space, ultimately the answer will drop.

The answer is always an aspect of being. For example, it might be ‘losing’ out on some material gain and yet realising the abundant nature of divine connection in the process. I recall being in a tight spot with a previous web development company I’d established…

On the highest level it didn’t serve me to continue to be in the company anymore. Despite the fact that it paid my wages, mortgage and bills, my soul yearned to be ’employed’ within the field of spiritual evolution. Every time I met a client to supposedly help them with a website, we’d end up discussing the latest self realisation they’d made or a challenging personal situation they were in. Somehow, synchronistically, there’d always be a key I could provide.

I was wondering how I might progress from one life to the other? On this particular day I was headed down to London for an important meeting with a client – a contract that would secure all the company’s costs for several months to come. I was late and so asked the universe ‘which road to take’. I was led straight into a traffic jam. Moments later, struggling to resist shaking my fists heavenward, a song came on the radio by Alanis Morissette…”a traffic jam when you’re already late, isn’t it ironic? A little too ironic”. Well exactly!

I missed the appointment and later back at the office, the other infuriated directors, who’d already been concerned by my curious spiritual distractions, offered to buy me out of the business. Despite having no clear view of what was to come or how to survive, I immediately felt to accept. I’ve never looked back since!”

Higher Mind simply creates situations like these to test various aspects of being: resolve maybe, trust, acceptance or awareness of the flow. The point is, we’re already creating these movements through higher mind. If we could accept what’s presenting and instead of trying to immediately change and get rid of it, then go deeply into the situation and ask “what’s it revealing about me?” Then if I express that revelation through my being and actions, then I’ll unleash an unstoppable flow through my life. This is the Power of Higher Mind.

Activating Higher Mind

So what can we do to activate higher Mind more strongly? here are some suggestions:

  1. Inner purification: In order to access Higher Mind in the first place, we must purify our lower bodily vehicles so that Soul Consciousness is liberated from the lower realms and can flow upwards. This involves purifying our diet from the denser vibrations such as meat to the lighter ones of grain, vegetables and fruit. It also involves meditation type practices to cleanse and purify our Emotional Body and Lower Mind.
  2. Dissolving distortions: We must begin to cleanse the brain and Lower Mind of conditioned behaviour patterns. We must erase the programs in our lives by confronting those moments where we would succumb to them and instead follow our higher truth. This is achieved by becoming the Observer of ourselves in all circumstances, watching our tightness arising as a result of the choices we continually make and instead choosing that which is in our highest interests and that of all life – that which ultimately leaves us more expanded and open. “Openhand Approach” is a powerful method of helping achieve this. Find out more.
  3. Opening the heart: We must open the Heart as fully as possible. In other words we must begin to feel more of the natural joy and beauty of life all around us. This involves giving more time each day to those things that bring us joy, openness and expansion. Be careful here though – it’s not a case of “anything goes”. It’s all about what makes us feel truly expanded and liberated inside (without unnatural side effects!). It’s when we feel “in the groove” so to speak. You could also try our moving meditation “The Six Senses Walk… Six Senses Walk
  4. Attuning to the flow: Higher Mind can be likened to a muscle; if we don’t use it, it will wither away. To exercise it, we have to give room for spontaneous acts of higher knowing within our lives. Here at Openhand we play a game called “free wheeling”, being open, asking “what would you have me do now?”, following the pull and witnessing what signs and synchronicities we then observe. It’s a powerful exercise to activate Higher Mind and attune to the natural flow. Quite apart from that, it can be great fun!
  5. Contemplating abstractions: Higher Mind can also be opened by contemplating abstract issues such as the meaning of life. The key is that there be no need of an outcome or solution. Simple enjoyment in the contemplation is the key. That’s why reading about spiritual matters can be so valuable. That’s one of the purposes of our book “Five Gateways”… find out more.
  6. Cultivating humour and optimism: If we expect our lives to falter and for negativity to happen to us, then surely enough we’ll create that in our lives. Here at Openhand we believe success is measured by the degree of internal harmony, contentment and satisfaction we experience. If we’re open to a more optimistic way of looking at things, then surely enough, Higher Mind will help us realise the solution to the supposed ‘problem’ thereby yielding greater harmony. Cultivating a greater sense of humour is also paramount to Higher Mind creation – laughing in the face of life’s difficulties, always looking for the lighter side.
  7. Creating for the fun of it: We can begin to ‘flex’ Higher Mind by creating just for the fun of it. So for example taking up the arts, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, painting, writing, building or modeling. The key is that there be no effort for an outcome. So for example, if we’re learning to play the guitar, it’s not about the tune we play, it’s just about playing with sound and seeing what comes from it. If we’re efforting to learn chords, it’s likely this will constrict Higher Mind, not unleash it. It’s the same reason that so many people like to write.

The Power of Being

So the real key is realising that we’re already creating our reality. The outer circumstances of our lives present a continually updating mirror saying: “This is what you are being now, where’s the distortion and where’s your highest truth?” Trying to intention or envision the moment is like removing the evidence at the ‘scene of a crime’ before you’re figured out what happened and why?

Conversely, if we accept and embrace our reality just as it is, then the magical paradox is that we can open into the soft embrace of higher mind, figure out what we’re being shown and unleash powerful creative flows of being through our lives. Whatever happens, we’re always a ‘winner’ – in the widest possible sense.

It is these thoughts that inspired us to make this video to share… The Power of Being

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About the author:

OpenOpenhand is the name we give to a highly evolved benevolent consciousness that has been around since the dawning of time. It is that energy which works within the weave of the fabric of life, helping to unravel blockages, rebalance disharmony and bring greater enlightenment to the universe. It works as a synchronistic mirror, revealing what is holding us back and how we can take the next evolutionary step.

My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm. The Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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  • BB

    There are about 8% of us who can truly manifest or intend. It is a myth that everyone creates their reality – the 8% create it for us. In Human Design, they are called Manifestors. Manifesting energy can also be latent in other types, particularly the Manifesting Generator. It is essential to get Manifestors aligned with the universe, because they have endless destructive anger to deploy otherwise.

    Manifestors are perhaps often to be found in spiritual circles because they are aware of the power they have to literally control reality, and the negative impact that can have.

    It’s just a case of looking to see if this is the case, and taking things from there.

    We can all decide to live more peacefully and harmonically than we do, but for the large majority of us, this occurs when we desist from the assumption that we can manifest or control anything.

    Freedom is relative – we all have our purpose to fulfil, so the hierarchy is set so that it is those who are enlightened about themselves that make the world a better place – not those who wield power or assume to wield power, because they’ve been told they’re in control of their lives. That is hogwash.


  • phyl

    MARCH 23, 2013.
    We of the Arcturian Group welcome all who choose to read these messages. We come today with news of great excitement as we see change rapidly falling into place for a new world order. It is time for the Light to manifest in more ways than you have anticipated which you have worked hard to bring about. Be ready to see change within all systems of your world, for the energy is rapidly reaching a level in which change can manifest. Do not sit and wait, but go about your daily chores knowing in your hearts that all is proceeding according to plan. Try not to imagine or anticipate specific changes for that interferes with the natural unfolding of events according to the energies in place and is based on personal concepts of how things need to appear. Rest, knowing within your hearts that the Divine knows how and where to manifest, and you do not have to tell it what to do or how to do it, your job is to know the truth and trust it.

    We wish to speak today of these energies of change and how they will effect those of earth. You will see a change of attitude in many with regard to certain ideas they were previously very adamant against. You will see businesses become more people centered in an energy of serving rather than taking. You will begin to see the youth speak of more advanced ideas of living and being and those of the older generations actually listening instead of telling them that they are too young to know the world yet. Many of these young ones are very evolved souls here to help with the shifting energies. They are having a problem understanding why so many in positions of power continue to live, believe, and force on others that which is obsolete, outdated, and very un-evloved.

    It is always fear that holds one in old three dimensional energy–fear (often imagined) of how change will effect them personally. Fear often manifests as a lashing out toward any new idea that could serve the many but may disrupt an individual’s personal comfort zone.
    It is the fear that changing tried and true beliefs that served in the past will result in some aspect of lack and limitation for them personally (duality and separation). They do not yet realize that they too are included in the higher energies of Light manifesting as better ways of living.

    The fearful ones erroneously believe that anything that does not fit into their personal, present belief system must be incorrect. You often see this happen with organized religious groups when urged to adopt new and different ways of thinking about certain issues. Change would be to admit that the teachings up to this point may of been incorrect–the egos of most structured religions will not allow admitting that they may of been incorrect. You are seeing it daily with politicians, many of whom resist change of any sort because it would rock the foundation they are building for their re-election, not because change would be good for the people they have been elected to serve.

    Expect change dear ones, for you are bringing in a new world order through the enlightenment of your consciousness. A consciousness of Truth will manifest as higher and better ways of being, doing , and living–change. You are going to see change taking place in your health care systems, in your religions, and in your schools as more and more individuals awaken to the realization of Oneness. Your job is not to resist as ideas of change are presented for these are the proofs of a new world consciousness in manifestation. We are not saying that every new idea that appears is for you to embrace for as always, you must use your intuition. We are saying that it is time to be open and not rigidly stuck in what has worked in the past.

    You see dear ones, you are doing it, you are bringing the new world order– it is why you chose to be on earth at this powerful time. It is what you have been asking for, working towards, and hoping would happen. The lesson is to let go of every concept, belief, or teaching, that resonates with old and finished energy no matter how comfortable it may be to stay in your uncomfortableness. Understand that many out of a fear of anything new or different, choose to stay exactly where they are no matter how difficult or painful that place may be.

    Fear is based in the acceptance of false concepts and beliefs taught and accepted over centuries of many lifetimes. Superstitions became accepted as truth, and false teachings given to the uneducated masses became the law of the land. Beliefs regarding God, marriage, disease, and even a devil etc. became universal except for those evolved enough to recognize their impersonal unreality. Mankind is now evolved enough to relegate much of this nonsense to the trash bin, much as when it was believed that if you sat in a breeze, you would get sick. Now you laugh at this idea because you have evolved beyond it. Many, many of these obsolete concepts and beliefs are still held on to because they were true in the past, they manifested because of a universal belief in them. You see, you are creators.

    When you are in confusion and question about something, take time to be alone even if it is to run into a bathroom. Go within and ask yourself how this thing resonates with what you know to be truth. Does it resonate, or does it feel old and finished? You will feel the energy, trust that you are being guided at all times and your intuition is an important tool.

    Many will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the sky does not fall down when letting go of an old diehard belief system. Because of the powerful energy shift taking place at this time, you chose to release in this lifetime anything holding you back in order to ascend. Thusly, many of you are finding that opportunities to do so are appearing one after another. This can be difficult and you may question if you have lost your way. No, you are right where you are supposed to be, and doing a fine job of it.

    Confront each experience by fearlessly looking at it–examine it, feel its energy even if unpleasant, and ask yourself; “What did I learn from this experience?” Then, knowing that you need not carry it around with you any longer, choose to release it while giving thanks for the lesson learned because every experience no matter how humanly unpleasant contains the gift of a spiritual lesson.

    Do this with everything that may still cause you to go into fear, Do this with no judgement or sense of failure, but in the knowing that it is through experiences that one evolves. Remind yourself that you chose and are now spiritually ready to clear in this lifetime all those dense experiences you have been carrying physically, emotionally, and mentally from lifetime to lifetime. Never forget that you are Divine Beings having human experiences in order to learn, evolve and remember.

    The Divine Reality within you knows what it is doing and how to do it. Human beings do not have to tell it what to do. Pondering this statement alone, will dissolve much fear. Get out of the mind, center in your heart and live in the now moment holding unconditional love for all.

    We are the Arcturian Group 3/23/13.
    ©2013 | Cedar, MI 49621.

  • renata

    Thank you