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Indra (passed June 2016) was the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity. With a background in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Communication, USDA and CDC funded graduate research in Ag and Applied Sciences, and corporate experience in both healthcare and not-for-profit organizations, Indra, with a team of like-minded people, devoted her life to teaching, research and development of the ultimate tools for human health, happiness and evolution: following the “physical instinct of bliss”.

Follow Your Bliss Instinct!

This article is the first in a series of unpublished articles by the late Indra Love. By Indra Contributing writer for Wake Up World Learning how to follow your Bliss Instinct lays the foundation of...

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