The Shift Has Hit The Fan

The Shift Has Hit The Fan

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s no denying the world is undergoing a remarkable transformation as the spiritual revolution takes hold in our minds. This shift can be witnessed as terrestrial thought as a whole. Recent  examples of this pivotal moment are  clearly seen as the Occupy and Anonymous Movements (among many others) which have taken place all over the world. This, IMHO, is simply a reflection of our universal desire for unity, cooperation, and our unwavering recognition that, underneath it all, Love is the Answer.

The new frontier in communication, mental telepathy, is the ability to communicate through our sharing of thought rather than the spoken word. Enough of us have had moments of crystal clear communication with others to know that we have bypassed the potential and arrived at the reality of this phenomenon in the human experience. If we can accomplish this on a personal, intimate scale with those we are closest to, then what’s to stop us from expanding our ability to communicate telepathically with everyone?

The origin of the concept of telepathy (not telepathy itself) in Western civilization can be traced to the late 19th century, which means this is a fairly new development in terms of our evolution. This doesn’t necessarily mean the potential hasn’t been there all along, only that our awareness of it is increasing. Our reluctance to share is being replaced with the understanding that we can only bring peace to the world by sharing.

Wikepedia tells us that the term telepathy comes from the  Greek,  tele meaning “distant” and,  pathe meaning “affliction, experience” and is the transfer of information through thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five classic senses. A telepath would be a person with the paranormal ability to read others’ thoughts and mental contents. Sound out of this world? It is!

Can transference of thought, regardless of time, space, or distance, be proven or verified? Reality is going to ultimately be based on experience. Science and religious doctrines are playing an active role in the search for our ultimate truth, which is readily available to all of us simply because no one is exempt from what is real and true. Let’s remember, however, that science and religion are man-made, but love is not.

The biggest concern most people will have with this type of communication is an intense fear or discomfort, and the fact that we don’t want other people to know what we really think! Here again, it becomes increasingly clear that the greatest obstacle to our search for truth is fear. So, let’s calmly take a look at the most common examples of telepathic communication, explore the importance of such a transition and transformation, and what it will ultimately lead to.

At this stage of the development of our telepathic power, the most obvious examples that this really, honestly happens for the masses is most visible (if thought can be visible!) in our closest relationships: A mother hears or feels the distress signal from her son, who was just in an auto accident; you think of someone you care about deeply and they call you the very next moment: “Hi! I was just thinking about you!” No doubt, all of us could share some experiences we have had with our own telepathic moments.

The shift into this exciting realm has been subtle and gradual enough to not cause us serious alarm. Rather, it feels like a soft, natural occurrence, which is simply absorbed into the human psyche because it is soft and natural. What is really happening on the face of the earth is that we, the people, are undergoing a shift that is vertical rather than horizontal – let’s call it our Spiritual Awakening. Mental telepathy, in all its various shades and degrees, reflects a movement that will ultimately reveal to us that all minds are joined in truth. The underlying unity that binds us all together is simply a reflection of our perfect reality, which eliminates all fear.

So, let’s not be alarmed when we receive a call that we already knew was on the way! There is no fear, or death, in love. Minds that are joined, and acknowledge this is true for all of us, have risen above any concept of separation and are happy, healed, and whole. The recognition of the fact that we are all one, and that Love is All, is the single, most liberating moment of one’s life! This leaves no room for lies, self-deception, or fear. Miraculously enough, perfect forgiveness is the catalyst for launching our own perfect communication. Forgiveness is the means; peace is the result. Love is the Answer.

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