New Moon in Scorpio – the Resurrection of Desire

New Moon in Scorpio - Resurrection of Desire 1

23rd  October 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

After conquering the wasted lands, the quest of the warrior again commands that we march into a world unknown  –  the wilderness we call our home.

We are entering Hades’ lair. Don’t be afraid! The new lunar cycle in Scorpio brings with it a powerful cosmic flush in which the process of total inner transmutation is available for us. In order for us to do so we will need to confront the inner core vibration of who we are. We have to dig deep, to the soul level.

Welcome to dark inner landscape of your own soul.

Happy birthday Scorpio!

Understanding the Vibration of Scorpio & Pluto

The vibration of Scorpio is linked with evolution. In nature we observe it as the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly  – the original form transmuting into a totally different form. This is why Scorpio energy has been labeled as rebirth energy.

When we reach the vibration of Scorpio, we begin to recognize that there is more to the reality than what appears on the surface. Through the human condition, the vibration of Scorpio plays out the role of the deepest psychology of our consciousness. Through intense inquiry into what lies beneath the surface, Scorpio wants to know the bottom line.  As we begin delving deeper into the nature of our psyche we become aware of our motivations, intentions obsessions and compulsions. You see, this is actually where our deepest unconscious securities lie; our fixations and attachments to things in our lives, even to life itself.

Scorpio has a dualistic nature of desire to it. On the one hand, through Scorpio we have the desire to evolve and change and on the other hand we have the desire to feel empowered, which comes through experience and knowing, from past experience. However the very thing that empowers us will eventually cause limitations, which in itself is disempowering. This is where the desire to change is born – to evolve past limitations. Old and outdated patterns of behavior cause limitations. These limitations then come up for renewal. An action of involution takes place; letting go as it were. This allows space to be created and for new psychological patterns to be born.

So let ´s take a look at the cosmos…

Saturn in Scorpio

The Shadow Self.

This will be the last time for at least another 29 years that the sun will travel through the constellation Scorpio while Saturn is also in Scorpio. This is a very special cycle in terms of our evolution because an entire chapter is coming to a close. With this comes the final awareness of the lessons that are related to the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

For much of the last two years we have been dealing with intense dark truths about the nature of humanity. We have become completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception about what is real and what is not  – even to the point now where we look at the recent Ebola outbreak as a hoax.

Saturn in Scorpio has been showing us exactly what is happening in the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. It has been giving us a preview, and we certainly became aware of our own individual and collective karma. With this mutual reception we have been greatly aided in ripping down all the outdated definitions and cleaning our perception of our outer world. Along with this came the undoing of the authoritative power we give to the hierarchic structures. Essentially the veil of illusion that governments, institutions, corporations and corporate media has hidden behind has now been removed and the truth is there in plain sight, allowing us to flush out these deep dark distortions that existed within us.

We were also, during this time, becoming aware of our external security patterns and how we placed them in the hands of these authorities. We learnt the biggest spiritual lesson during this transit; total security can only be found from within. What has emerged during this time for humanity is that the year of 2014 has been one in which we have become awake to our own freedom. Our spiritual freedom. We have been learning that we are sovereign spiritual beings of this earth.  We have begun  recognizing our own authority.

It is time now to establish that personal, inner authority in the world. This is the key to actualizing our desires and becoming awake to them. With this knowledge we are able to make choices to move away from, and stop supporting, these outdated structures one step at a time. This  will inevitably lead to their fall.

Now as the Sun, Moon and Venus enter Scorpio and also form a partial solar eclipse, we will become aware of the inner work that we have done. We will be putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This is not likely to be an easy process,  and we can expect to be tested. But over time  we will align ourselves with new truths and begin the next part of this epic journey, fresh and ready.

Neptune trine Venus, Moon and Sun


This planetary alignment reflects to us an important aspect that needs to be included when understanding this month’s theme. Love is the binding force in the universe. It is the source of all things. It creates unity and as a result, the very vibration that is holding us together during this time of inner spiritual transmutation. With Venus, the Sun and the Moon all in harmonic contact with Neptune we see that this new moon in Scorpio is saying; Hey! We need to commit (Scorpio) to valuing (Venus) LOVE (Neptune). We need to merge with and deepen our relationship to love. Allowing this vibration of love to be the new guiding force in the new paradigm.

New Moon - Astrology

If we are to begin rebuilding the new way of being on earth, we will all need to trust our own inner authority. Once we have that as our base note, we radiate love. The idea of love in this context is understanding our connection to our inner nature. Understanding that we ultimately are not separate from source. We are one. Unity consciousness.

As I wrote in the article “Moon in Pisces – the Crisis Point” in September:

“We have lost our connection to god which means we have lost our connection to ourselves. This runs so deep within our consciousness that this is the very reason we look outside ourselves for answers, to authorities who claim to have the expertise that you yourself are lacking for your existence here on earth. This is why we override our instincts with logical ideas that we have been conditioned to believe. This is why we have allowed the people in power to make decisions for us. This is why we have allowed our earth to be polluted, our food to be poisoned, our land and natural resources to be claimed. This is all because of the illusion of separateness  – the distortion that tells us humans are separate from nature, that  Spirit and flesh are not connected. That  we  are not connected. Race separation, gender assignment, economic status etc. This sense of separateness keeps us from the love that we are all so desperately seeking.”

This very abandonment of our true connection to spirit is what is being healed. We are now digging to the depths of our souls and clearing the things blocking us from our true connection to god/source/love. We will be facing our souls and trough that becoming aligned with our true soul purpose. We will be feeling the burning desire to link our sense of purpose or destiny into our lives. Yet at the same time we will be feeling unsure about what that desire actually is. We can sense it, but not know it. That is okay, in fact it is completely natural to feel this way. We, and the zodiac as our mirror, have not actually reached the point yet in which that impulse is ready. There are some steps we need to take in order for that to happen.

Mercury retrograde square Pluto and in opposition to Uranus in Aries

Alignment of inner truth.

With mercury retrograde being in Libra, our ability to take in information from others is restricted. It creates a sense of not really understanding what people are trying to say from their perspective. The information becomes blurry as the linear logical mind is offline. This is important as the idea behind the alignment is to force total inner awareness and to search for information inwardly, from our intuition in a way that makes sense personally to ourselves. It may be easy to connect to this inner knowing, yet impossible to convey it to another.

Mercury R is making a last quarter phase (276 degree) square to Pluto creating a crisis in consciousness where old ways of thinking and understanding aspects of reality have become outdated so we are needing to create new ways of seeing things. This is a mind opening experience, helping us to explore fresh new territory. Again,  as mercury is retrograde, this is all happening within us. Uranus in Aries square Pluto and opposing Mercury R is, in short, reflecting our total liberation from pre-existing definitions and conditioning.

Now, all of this is actually pointing to the Mars in Sagittarius transit. Mars is currently culminating its transit through Sagittarius and also forming a balsamic (culminating) aspect to Pluto. This combination will give us the feeling of both being pulled towards the next steps in our evolution, into the new, and at the same time we are being pulled back into ourselves, into the abyss, to return to source and surrender our ego will to the higher will.

The bottom line of this whole awakening is the awareness that we are experiencing our inward journey back home; becoming aware of our spiritual nature. For each and every one of us, this journey is an inward one. Again, this is the reason we will feel a disconnection from others that have not yet ‘awoken’. They are defining their truths based on other people’s truths. This alignment reflects that we are learning to connect with our own personal and individual truths, and realizing  our own spiritual journeys.

What resonates and feels right for you?

As you focus on this, you will become more aligned with your own personal vibration  –  your ‘higher self’. This is why it is important to look within.

New Moon, solar eclipse in Scorpio

Resurrection of desire.

So as we begin this new moon cycle we are filled with intense anticipation that something new is on the horizon and yet we cannot quite put our finger on it. We feel we are all ready to go, but there is something missing.

The New Moon in Scorpio will be highlighting to us where we are not being true to ourselves. With this energetic connection in Scorpio we will be acutely sensitive to any vibration that is not in alignment with our true nature, both in ourselves and others.

At the very core of our being is our connection to nature. Any fears or distortions within us that are interfering with  this connection will need to be confronted, and we will feel urged to confront them  head-on. We are needing to understand our motives and explore our desires. We need to question our actions, desires and intentions (Scorpio) and  get to the bottom line.

As we clear out the distortions the picture will become clearer. Our true desires and soul intention  will be sensed on a very deep level. We  then start linking these intentions and desires (New Moon in Scorpio) to that feeling and sense of special destiny or purpose (Jupiter in Leo), add the vibration of love (Neptune trine Venus) and then finally align it with the vibration of  personal higher will (Mars in Sagittarius), we come to a space with our self in which the whole dimension of the  body mind and soul are aligned.

How beautiful is that!?

New Moon Mantra

As we begin to explore our own darkness and confront our shadow, we know that beyond that darkness is nothing but light. Just as the phoenix must be  reduced to ashes, from which it is reborn, so too must we remove all of the outdated aspects of ourselves for the new vibrant life-force to emerge. We understand that we contain  the source code of creation. As we keep searching, clearing and confronting, we are healing our severed connection to source and resurrecting our personal desire  – desires that will serve to build our new world.

We are recognizing that we are powerful beyond measure. That we have the power to be our own authority. That we have the courage to choose love. That love will light our way. It is our guiding force. It is the very core of our being. It is what we are made of. It is the highest, brightest vibration within creation. So we dig deep into our souls and clear the way for the true power of creation to emerge within! As we confront all that gets in the  way  –  with love –  it will dissolve.  For we  are not small! We  are the universe expressed in human form!

Be the Change!


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