The Full Moon in Aries – The Cosmic Gateway

The Full Moon in Aries - The Cosmic Gateway

8th  October 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Just when you thought the frequencies could not be more intense, we come across an energy pattern like this. It all comes down to this moment in which the reflections of the past and visions of the future are twined together in perfect synchronicity. We stand at an evolutionary gateway, overwhelmed with excitement yet anxious as the unknown approaches us.

Will you trust the universe and fall into the abyss? Will you follow your instincts and remember your connection to your inner vibration?

It is time to make a shift! It is time, once again, to raise the frequency of our consciousness. Transformation, transcendence and transmutation are available to us right now.  It is time to step boldly into the new without holding onto the past.

Here are the planetary alignments helping us along the way…

Mercury Retrograde

Time for reflection.

Helping us along the way is Mercury (the conscious mind) in retrograde motion. The cycle of Mercury retrograde happens four times every year.

The spiritual intuitive function of  the mercurial cycles are of taking a time out from the busyness of the outside world and retreating inwardly and reflecting. With reflection comes hindsight and with that comes a sense of moving into a new direction.  Mercury has been in Scorpio since the 27th of September. It began its retrograde motion on the 4th  of October and will continue to move back into Libra.

So what is happening here?

There will be very clear messages (Mercury) which will be linked with the past, and will reflect aspects of ourselves which we need to confront and let go of. I am not going to lie, this can bring loss. Scorpio (transmutation) is the state of consciousness that reflects the act of letting go. With Scorpio we learn the lesson of life and how painful it can be. We can also be met with feelings of abandonment and betrayal.

This vibration that Scorpio is bringing up will be heavy and can feel overbearing at times. However we all have the choice to be open to the emotional experience, and practice being heart-centered during this time. Then, when Mercury moves into Libra, we will get the opportunity to practice listening and being there for one another. Opening up our hearts and feeling the connection of love between us. Offering peace and harmony and allowing the feeling of acceptance to be felt.

Venus conjunct the Sun and North Node in Libra.

Our journey back home. To the source of all things.

On the 29th  of September, Venus moved into Libra and will make a close aspect to the sun during the 8th October  Full Moon total eclipse. The beauty in the alignment of Venus moving close to the Sun will be that it will contain the total vibration of its recent connection with Neptune (love). So this eclipse holds the vibration of love, acceptance, being heart-centered and also of being open to receiving it. This is an exceptionally powerful and healing Full Moon.  Because the north node of the moon falls in conjunction with the Sun and Venus it also  adds extra emphasis to that  placement.

Acceptance, fairness and equality will create balance during this highly charged energy shift. You will see the extremes in the world and most likely in your own life. Again, the purpose here is to create space for inner alignment. Alignment within yourself. The journey back home.

Pluto square the Sun, Venus, Full Moon and Uranus.

Keeping the boat balanced during the stormy ride.

An intense time indeed, with these planets all in connection to Pluto, there is bound to be huge transmutation. There is a duality to how this planetary alignment will be effecting us. On one hand we have the desire to feel secure and safe in something of the past and the known and at the same moment we have a desire and move  forward into the unknown.

If we are to step forward and break free from the old conditioning and face the new direction in our lives we can find ourselves becoming more aligned with our own destiny. The past will give the impression of safety but will be filled at the same time with a sense of lack. A feeling of being incomplete.

The nodes of the Moon which are in Libra and Aries will continue to ask for this progressive integration of love into all moments. We have a fresh new road ahead of us. Let’s pave it with love, acceptance, harmony and peace.

The Fire trine – Mars/Jupiter/Uranus

Our burning desires.

Our burning desires are bubbling beneath the surface. The natural law of the Fire trine in the zodiac reflects to us the feeling of spirit within us  – that divine spark that drives our desires and helps us actualize ourselves. This powerful planetary alignment is making us aware of our burning desires. It will not be hushed! So start making choices now to bring you closer to your dream! Align your mind and body with your soul!

The Full Moon in Aries

Letting go and stepping into the unknown.

The synchronicities in this planarity full Moon alignment are crystal clear. This full Moon is packed with so much energy. It certainly will be felt with the activation of the Grand fire trine and the squares to Pluto set in perfect alignment with the full Moon. Leading up to this alignment was the last lunar cycle in Virgo/Pisces. It really helped us rinse out and clean our vibrations so that we have the space available for change in our lives. We have cleared and purified ourselves to make room for love  –  the highest vibration there is! The frequency of pure source energy being expressed in human form.

Along with this full Moon comes massive potential for change. As I mentioned before, the Moon will be nesting beautifully between Uranus and the South Node. This placement reflects the point where the change all needs to happen for us.

Let me explain..

Uranus, the Moon and the South Node in Aries

All three of the symbols involved here fall in the sign Aries; Uranus, the Moon and the South Node.  The zodiac sign Aries reflects to us new beginnings. A new direction. With these new beginnings comes the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. These feelings are directly connected to the Aries sign. A new direction symbolizes something that is unknown. The anxiety stems from the relationship between the known and unknown. We feel security in something that is established. This leads to the anxiety of separation.

But this is in fact intrinsic to our human consciousness;  natural to our psychology. It is reflected naturally through the separation from the womb at the moment we are birthed. The baby is unaware of its new environment. It seeks to return back to safety, back to the known, to which our sense of  security is linked. The home we live in is a reflection of our security and safety. The home reflects the womb. As Aries reflects new direction it also requires total freedom. This freedom is absolutely necessary.

In addition to the sign Aries we have the frequency of Uranus, the awakener within the zodiac.

The sign of Aries (new beginnings) reflects to us de-conditioning and liberation;  the need to break free from that which has already been manifested. Linked with Uranus is transformation; the breaking of previous form, that which has come before.

A huge part of what we will be experiencing at this point in time, and also strongly linked with the total lunar eclipse, is the experience of time moving faster. Uranus is linked with the quickening of our perception of our time space reality. In fact this would be one of the reasons why the frequencies are very intense at this stage. We are expanding our awareness at a rapid rate, and a rapid evolution is occurring in human thought in preparation for a new Astrological Age.

This can also be experienced as erratic and incomplete thought patterns as the brain seeks to catch up, as it were. Have you been having  those moments? Stay in the moment, and pay attention to the types of thoughts that are occurring inside you of their own volition (not just your intentional, analytical thinking), no matter how incomplete or seemingly unusual those thoughts may be. These thoughts, the ones that surface time and time again, will implicate your future.

Now  with all this going on, comes the need to recognize. Linked strongly with the Full moon total lunar eclipse, we are at the brink of another powerful energy gateway. We are finally aware of what is not real, and what needs to be ‘let go of’ in our lives  –  that which no longer serves us. So now is the time for practicing, creating, and holding space for LOVE. It is a time to acknowledge our sovereignty and connection we each have to source, and to begin integrating them  into our futures, and establishing a new inner authority that is reflective of our own unique inner vibration.

Take this opportunity to let go of the known and embrace the new, even if it seems totally scary. I promise, your spirit knows best! Look within for answers! We all come into this incarnation with this gift. You just have to trust yourself. Choose love and acceptance and find balance.

You now hold the pen to your destiny. How do you want the beginning of your epic adventure that is your life to look?

Full Moon Mantra

The awakener is alive and here with us right now. Our souls are burning to be heard, to be liberated from the shackles of our perceived securities. Don’t let the fear of the unknown defeat your spirit! Don’t let your logic override your heart! Take a leap of faith and see that love will carry you. Shed the weights that are holding you down. It’s time to fly!

Be the change!


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About the author:

Simon Vorster

Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Simon’s work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. His soul work, sharing his thoughts and insights and using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, is to help others find their own spiritual paths, live in the moment and understand that they are able to change and effect their own evolution.

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