Full Moon in Taurus – 11:11 – The Return from Darkness to Light

Full Moon in Taurus - 11 11

7th November 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

While everything seems very silent on the surface, the degree of inner transformation is intense. The Scorpio vibration has pulled us down into the deep dark depths of our souls, like a submarine surveying the sub terrain of the ocean floor. The vibration is bringing up all of our fears, insecurities and wounds but also giving us the chance to completely examine our motivations and intentions. The search for our desires continues.

So what does this Full moon in Taurus hold for us?

Needs and Values

Since  the New Moon in Scorpio, this month’s main focus has been on the resurrection of our deepest desire. Now as we approach the full moon we examine and learn  what we “need”  in order to actualise these desires, and bring them into the light.

When we see the vibration of Taurus we look at the nature of survival. Our needs are based on what we think we require  to survive. At some point we then link a value system to these needs, and then, for every new direction we choose, we must have a grasp on what resources are available in order to for the idea to survive.

So what we are being asked to look at here is:  What do I “need” and “value”  in order for  my new direction in life to thrive?  Beside the resources  needed  to actualise our  desires, this will also include the types of relationships we have with  other people. We will be focusing on how others’ values contrast against our own. This process is important as it reflects to us more of what we need vs. what we don’t need in our lives

Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio align Jupiter (Leo) and Uranus (Aries)

The Strong Foundation.

The Sun, Venus and Saturn are all travelling together in Scorpio and all making very important alignments with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Herein lies an important message…

As I discussed in my last article, we have become  liberated from pre-existing definitions and conditioning (Uranus in Aries) and there is currently a deep feeling of special destiny and purpose (Jupiter in Leo) awaiting us, and which  we are excited to actualise  —  myself included. However I feel that the full moon is truly asking that we first become stable and grounded in our approach (Taurus), and add this element of consciousness into how we go about building the new.

On a much deeper level, it reflects the need to remain in the physical. It is very easy to be caught up in the ideal way of seeing our future. But remember; when we look at building a house the foundation is always an important priority; it creates security and stability. So while ideals are important in this process of examination and deconstruction, our current reality  is the framework from  which we must build.

In this time, finding security within yourself is the key. A sense of inner security  creates the perfect breeding ground for manifesting your desires and taking charge of  your life. As this  cycle illuminates our desire and direction  for  our forward  journey, we may  have to take a leap of faith and trust  — and  know that whatever the direction you are being pulled into will bring the necessary changes in your life to  bring your vision/truth into total alignment with your reality.

11:11:11 Pluto Conjunct Mars/Grand Trine/Cardinal Square

The alignment of our Origins.

Just when the darkness starts to overwhelm us, we get a message showing us that the journey we are on is not unguided; that we are not alone and that there is perfect synchronicity in creation.

I would like to draw your attention to an incredible alignment that simply cannot be made up. On the 11th of November, or the 11th of the 11th, the planet Mars will line up with Pluto at 11 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. Talk about synchronicity!  But wait… On that same day a complete Grand Water Trine will also light up the heavens, and just when I thought that this was too amazing to be true, a Grand Cardinal Cross joins in to add yet another powerful alignment event to this synchronistic day. This is incredible!

So what does it all actually mean?

Pluto Mars 11:11:11 Alignment

Aligning your inner and outer vibration.  

This alignment of Mars with Pluto signifies an incredibly positive turn for us on Earth. These two symbols reflect to us how we go about acting out our evolution on Earth. Pluto reflects to us deep unconscious desires and how they propel the direction of our lives on Earth. Because of the nature of Pluto being so unconscious, Mars plays out the role of how we go about actualising these unconscious desires in a conscious way  – like the gasoline for our desires.

So this alignment means that we are ready to take the plunge. On a collective level we are beginning to build the new world by the initiation of each individual’s soul desires being manifested into the world. On this day, our ego (Mars) will come into total alignment with divine will (Pluto). A choice or new direction will present itself during this month, and  we all have to take that leap of faith and lunge into this new uncharted direction with total innocence. This is the moment to value your sovereignty. We cannot change the world while holding on to the false securities of the past.

Align your inner and outer vibration.  Be the change!

Cardinal Cross Alignment

Instinct, change and alignment.

The 4 Cardinal signs reflect the 4 elements:  Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Together, the Cardinal energy reflects instinctual change. It beautifully signifies what we need to do as we look to integrate the new self,  changing and  moving in new directions.

New directions bring uncertainly because they have not yet been explored. This uncertainty makes us take a step backward to our known security. We soon realise that this security is of the past and so therefore we move again into the new direction. This dance back and forth continues until a commitment takes place.

So what we are looking at here with this alignment is the need to embrace change and to allow for change, and to go with the flow, without the security of past constructs and beliefs. The Cardinal Grand Cross is highlighting to us the need to bring the  body (Earth), mind (Air), spirit (Fire) and emotions (Water) into total alignment. And by doing this, it brings you and your direction into total alignment with the universe.

Water Trinity Alignment

The Ego (Cancer), Source (Pisces) and Desire (Scorpio).

Each of us on earth are aligned with 3 main points that drive our human evolution. We all originate from the source of all things (Pisces) where we are all unified. Our ego (Cancer) really acts like a vehicle which we use to actualise our desires (Scorpio).

A trine is a harmonious connection between planets. In the case of the Water Trinity, we have the harmonious connection between the source, the soul and the ego. This reflects to us the opportunity to align our ego with our desires which  emanate from the source.

Full Moon Message

The return to the light from the darkness.

The full moon in Taurus is asking us to reflect on our values and needs. It is also reminding us of the value of having a strong foundation which gives us the security to manifest our new desires. The north node in Libra is adding to this dynamic and highlighting the need to value balance, equality and to explore the needs and wants of others relative to our ourselves. The phase of Mars to Pluto is still culminating. We are closing an entire chapter of our lives here. We are letting go of what we no longer need so that we have space for ‘the new’ in our lives.

On the 11th of November, the final surrender will take place and we will be ready to embark on the next chapter of this epic saga.

11:11 represents the unity of all things; that we are all of the same vibration even though we appear to be separate in the physical. It also symbolizes the number 4; the four elements which combined create the one; the totality of everything. When we see these numbers we are being asked to pay attention to this connection. So, as Mars and Pluto connect at 11 degrees on 11/11 we will be experiencing incredibly synchronistic alignments that will illuminate this connection to us. The message here is to integrate the four: body, spirit, emotion and mind (Cardinal Grand Cross) and then to completely embody them through the flesh and spirit as one — the alignment of ego, source and desire (Water Trinity).

The journey becomes even clearer on the 16th of November when Neptune (Pisces) turns direct and Venus moves into Sagittarius. The synchronicity here is the connection that Pisces has to Sagittarius  – the connection of one’s inner truth (Sagittarius) to source (Pisces). Once again, the zodiac reflects to us how beautifully connected we truly are. The light will begin to emerge once again. Humanity’s journey back to its  origin is well under  way.

What a time to be alive!

Full Mantra

Believe in yourself and know that during this time you are protected by love and truth. This full moon will illuminate any remnants of your old ego structure for you to let go of. Any wounds that you can leave behind. Anything hindering your relationship to yourself to be one of total acceptance and love. Surrender to the process! Allow it to flush through you! Let go! Clear out and cleans! There may be moments when you feel that you are losing yourself but know that you are actually finding yourself. By clearing out the old you are making room for the new. The true. The undistorted.

We are preparing for the alignment of 11:11  – for the direct experience of the ONE. It will not be loud. It will be nothing and everything, experienced in the moment. Listen! Feel! Know!

Be the change!


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