How To Get Your Big Idea To FLY!

Big-idea25th July 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You are by your very nature a creative being. It is part of your natural evolutionary process to think, feel inspired and act on those impulses as a means of expressing, enjoying and aligning more and more with your true potential – who you really are. And, to the degree that you share the best of yourself with others in the world you connect and inspire others, some of whom will in turn help you further develop and co-create your vision and idea.

What is it you have been wanting to create lately?

Perhaps it might be a new routine at home, a relationship, alliance or purposeful project to earn you money and be of service at the same time. Maybe you have been thinking about creating a new community or simply a shift in the way you have been spending your days in order that you can have a greater connection with your true Self, fundamental pace and needs.

There is a great quote by Rumi you might know that says ‘What you seek is seeking you’. On one level it implies that each impulse that inspires you to do, be, create or experience something new is actually an individualised spark of the greater universal intelligence that wants to create precisely this as an outer reality through you, not only for you but the greater good as well. If you go a bit deeper with this interpretation however, there is an unspoken element of even wider personal potential and possibility built-in to this way in which the universe creates through you.

Consider for a moment that when compared to universal intelligence, you function within the limits of a physical, three dimensional, linear and rational thinking mind. It makes sense that what you can consciously think of and perceive is limited in time and space as compared with all the various levels of vibration, energy, consciousness and nuance that co-exist and interact alongside each other as the natural everyday process of inner and outer evolution unfolds.

So (and how different our lives would be if they taught things like this in school!) when it comes to that idea, relationship, project or experience you want to create, it is so important that you can open up to the following possibility;

In terms of what you can perceive about it and what actually exists, there is a gap in your understanding of the magnitude, significance and potential impact of the vision you want to create.

Like an iceberg, there is a wider and deeper meaning beneath the inspiration and impulses you receive and sense.

Allowing your idea, creation, project etc to become as big and as multi-faceted as it needs to be – even if you don’t know how it will all come about – will ultimately allow it to serve the exact people who are meant to share and receive it in untold ways.

What I notice in my work as an intuitive life coach is that my clients often have ideas for next steps they want to take as they up-level and claim more of their true Selves. And this is the really important bit – I have seen some of them hold tightly to these ideas and how they feel they ought to look and take shape. This sort of rigidity is actually a red flag that these clients are hitting a limiting fear within themselves (read more about this in my article The Journey vs The Dream).

Interestingly however, the fear is often masked as ‘appearing to take right and appropriate action’ and/or being ‘in control’, Together or separately, these responses betray a desperate unspoken need within the client that his/her undertaking or project take a precise, measured route with pre-determined guarantees of eventual validation and success.

This usually becomes clearer to the client when we examine their process closely together and they realise that despite all the ‘right action’ they’ve been taking, that trying to create from a core place of fear is by its very nature self-limiting, and rather than creating forward movement, causes them to feel frustrated and stuck. The work that we then do to raise the client’s understanding and awareness of how this limiting fear has been affecting their ability to create what they really want, can be positively life-changing. Being unable to see yourself and your fear clearly, holds it in place as part of your reality and experience.

Once you’ve seen clearly that you are NOT your fear you can leave it behind in exchange for more of your TRUTH and who you REALLY are.

That is, if you choose.

If you are recognising that you are at this very place now, herein lies a massive opportunity for self-growth. In addition to being able to identify and resolve your relationship with your underlying, core fear, there is something else here vital for you to consider.

Your ability to release the fear that has been holding you back from being able to create what you really want for yourself and your life is dependent on the extent to which you recognise the roles of trust in yourself and self-love. And these are natural extensions of your ability to allow yourself to trust the universe to take of, and love you too. Remember the image of the iceberg I mentioned? There is so much inherent wisdom and purpose in what universal order wants to create within, around and through you.

There needs to be a simultaneous dynamic of applying yourself intuitively and fully while at the same time surrendering your desired creation to universal intelligence in order that it can FLY.

Another way of looking at it, is because your perception is limited by time and space, there is a critical aspect of your desired creation that can only be rounded out by universal intelligence on the unseen realms. This is exactly why trying to create it while resting within the walls of a limiting belief or through brute force simply doesn’t work.

Growing your ability to trust and love yourself are key components of your journey back to greater alignment with your REAL self. As you practice them earnestly and gain increasing evidence of how they help you draw closer to your truth, your self-affinity increases and you begin to intuitively create the life you desire. You inadvertently open the gateway for a life that is aligned with who you really are and your real potentiality to appear.

There is no one ‘right’ route to the life you desire. The right route FOR YOU gets created as you trust and love yourself and intuitively choose your next steps.

Many moments lived on purpose = a lifetime lived in grace.

So if you have been sensing a tightness or block around your relationship with the idea, project or relationship you want to create, perhaps you have consciously or unconsciously been searching for a way to move forward with it in a way that feels spacious, gives you a sense of ‘rightness’ and ease.

What if this is precisely the message you’ve been needing to hear?

What is the single most important thing you are sensing you need to do NOW in order that you can claim more of who you ARE and what you REALLY want?

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