Prospering from a Vibrant New Phase in the Great 5D Shift

By Open

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The gathering tides are progressively strengthening now in the Earth’s Great 5D Shift. I can feel an underlying ‘rip tide’ having an enormous effect in the way we create our lives, in our careers, relationships and general living circumstances. For those who continue to ignore the shift, life in the old reality construct will become increasingly challenged in the years ahead. Those who align themselves with it, however, will find the flow unleashes enormous potential for evolutionary growth, thereby receiving abundantly unlimited resources to support their higher self actualisation, especially where that’s encouraging the shift for other sentient life too…

Confronting humanity’s karmic distortions: the way to abundant living

Humanity has been existing within a consensus reality construct, one that was necessary to explore particular karmic distortions:

  • That life is not about what we consume or create, rather it is the expression of soul, interconnected with the entirety of the universe, from which abundant living can flow.
  • When you focus your life too strongly on the need for an outcome, you disconnect from life’s natural spontaneity, create a small “I” identity, like an island in the flow, which then gets battered as the rip tide steadily gathers to wash it away.
  • In a reality construct of winner and looser, predator and prey, profit and loss, eventually all lose. It is only by respecting and honouring other sentient life, cherishing and mutually supporting, that true abundance is attained.
  • That trying to control life and the flow, ultimately expresses lack of trust in the benevolence of the universe, which then manifests in strife, struggle and poverty consciousness that seldom feels like enough is enough.

The ‘antedote’ to all of these distortions, and the driving force to 5D consciousness, is learning to live in harmony with all sentient life, In so doing, picking up the underlying flow becomes entirely natural — it expresses through your soul, restoring peace, balance and sensual abundance with life. You ascend into ‘heaven’, wherever you physically find yourself. This is true living.

The strings that bind life together

These karmic distortions have drawn to the earth a controlling Interdimensional Intervention, which has created an enormous eddy current in the flow, which we might call “the matrix”. This Opposing Consciousness, that has consumed humanity within it, has sought to take dominion of the earth through exploitation and control of natural resources. It has become so “successful” in its conspicuous consumption, that it has now brought the old karmic reality, and with that the 3D biosphere, to the point of destruction. Humanity must now accelerate his evolution and ascendance from this outdated existence. It is fast becoming an essential imperative for all.

Everything is of interconnected threads of consciousness — a quantum soup, connected by “strings” of energy, although the very idea may seem strange and superfluous inside a dense physical body, which makes us feel separated and isolated from the rest of life; somehow impervious to the subtlety of the underlying shifts of consciousness — the very strings that bind life together. On the one hand, this ‘relativity’ renders the experience of life itself — you couldn’t taste the apple or feel a warm summer’s day without it. Yet when we become too heavily invested in this separation, that’s when we begin to close down to the interconnected flow which has the best interests of all life at heart.

That’s when you become an island in the flow of consciousness, which for a while, seems somehow solid and secure, but since all is interconnected, the very foundations are then steadily whittled away by the gathering rip tide of consciousness. It pays to be in the flow!

We’re at a stage in the shift now, where the underlying permanency of the old construct is steadily crumbling, mirrored very synchronistically by the ominous melting of the glaciers, ice caps, and the underlying permafrost. This is a massive trigger in the breakdown of the old reality as the biosphere shifts to a new alignment. To many, where small “I” identity is still strong, this will seem catastrophic and deeply traumatic. But a growing number now, who are witnessing and feeling the need for realignment, are beginning to transcend the idea of fixed solidity, and are progressively aligning themselves with the flow in the smaller detail of their individual lives. This presents enormous opportunity for spiritual mastery and successful living.

Abundance in change and flow

Because the old karmic reality is unraveling itself, those that are still fixed into it, are feeling an increasing anxiety in the world, with ever escalating attempts to control resources – the chief proponent of which, being the industrial military complex that underpins the old karmic reality construct. Ultimately this will be fruitless and amount to nought, as the riptide washes these resistant sandbanks steadily away – the sands of time slip mercilessly through grasping hands.

On the other side of the coin however, those that learn to progressively let go, will find increasing resource and support for their actions as the flow itself gathers more energy and momentum from the realigning strings of consciousness — from the growing rip tide itself. The truly exciting thing for the adventurous, is that you can harness ever more of this energy now, by embracing the natural universal engine of change.

This is a new phenomenon for many to grasp, and therefore worth considering deeply. The majority have come from a system of efforting, grasping, securing and then hanging on. This is deeply embedded in the psyche and neural pathways. They must be confronted and broken down to truly prosper, by feeling into and breaking through the inner tightness they create. Essentially it is only tightness against the flow of the soul. This is what we must relinquish – it is this that binds people into the limitation of the old reality construct.

Living with the flow in a practical day-to-day sense

Essentially what it means in a practical sense, is that when you discover how to flow moment by moment with the soul, then unlimited resources come to your disposal – not more than you actually need, but definitely not less. And don’t try to unduly hold on to the resources, simply let them flow in and out. In which case, you will never go wanting and your manifestations will never lack the necessary support. Everything you need will come to you, as long as the empowerment of your soul is the aim, aligned with the compassionate movement of all sentient life.

Bi location

Here’s how we can achieve this practically…

  • Work to become the witness of yourself, in all that you do.
  • Progressively switch from needing any particular outcome, to instead realising yourself through unwinding evolutionary growth: get to know the liberation of soul, felt as timelessness, expansiveness and joy.
  • Turn toward, and work into, any inner tightness that reveals itself in mind and body as you navigate the daily chessboard of life. Actually the tightness itself reveals the pathway, because the natural flow is highlighting all the inner resistances to it.
  • Identify the qualities of your own soul and pay maximum attention to these as the natural instigator of Right Action in your life. It’s an authentic sense of rightness with the choices that you make, from which a path of light begins to emerge.
  • Increasingly bathe in the joyful feedback loop of loving divine synchronicity. You’re coming home to yourself as a divine child of the universe. Celebrate with gratitude the benevolence that comes your way. You’re revealing to the universe you believe in its infinite abundance.

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The vibrancy of change: Innovate, Innovate, Innovate!

Like a rising breath of fresh air through the world, change is now gathering fast, as the flow strengthens. It’s invigorating, uplifting and liberating. But you have to progressively work past your distortions felt as inner tightness to realise this incredible opportunity through your life. Learn to let go. Work to build trust — not that some particular objective or dream will manifest, but that your soul will be progressively realised as a sense of joyful rightness, in the choices you make; the effect of which, is abundant manifestation.

Look at the patterns of your life — what is holding you back? What is restricting you in the way you create? The key word for this phase of the shift is ‘innovation’. Take what you’ve always done, find the parts that are beginning to fail, and innovate into something new, from a growing sense of rightness. This must begin in all the apparently ‘simple’ things: how you eat; what you consume; how you interact in relationships; what’s your underlying ‘objective’ for the moment?

To all those who can truly embrace the shift, those who work into their fears and confront them, who’re prepared to go out on a limb to fully reveal themselves, will find themselves moving into a golden age of opportunity and spiritual growth. You’ll begin to transcend and leave behind the limiting physicality of life. Your soul will soar on the outstretched wings of the divine.

In this great gathering shift, it’s time to take to flight my dear friends!


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