5D Shift: Walking the Path of the Soul Through Crazy Times

October 12th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

These are crazy times indeed. Society has become so dysfunctional and dystopic that it’s so easy to become distracted into the external drama. As spiritual beings, working towards the shift into 5D consciousness, we must be very clear where to orientate our ‘ship’ of the soul, and of the aligned landscape we need to sail through. It requires the utmost discipline and focus. Here are some reflections from the Benevolent Mission to that effect.

Nose to the 3D Grindstone or Path of the Soul?

It’s clear the mind can be a great tool, but also a deceiving prison. It helps you pay attention to what’s forming in your 3D landscape and to navigate through. But if you over feed it, then you form limiting landscapes that constantly lower your vibration back into 3D. This is the purposeful design of the shadowstate with all its ongoing dramas and shenanigens – to keep your nose to the 3D grindstone. We would be foolish to get entangled in that trap.

What’s the alternative?

It is to follow the natural path of the soul through the expanded multidimensional landscape and trust that the flow guides you on a path of rightness through the storm and into a bright new dawning. That’s what the Benevolent Mission and plenty of guides and lightworkers are here to reflect. But it’s not blind trust I’m speaking of, rather that which is built up over time from constant break through:

You’re acknowledging the density of the shadowside around us, accepting that you partially co-created it from your karma, feeling into any tightness that anchors you there, then unwinding the attachments within, and expanding out. This Breakthrough process becomes an engine of transformation in your life.

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The Multidimensional Landscape

These contractions will be in all aspects of your life: where you need some kind of outcome in relationships, in how you live and work, in the general circumstances of 3D living within its attachments, daily chores, goals and fixed agendas. Where you see and feel them, you have a golden opportunity to unwind out.

How then does your landscape become multidimensional?

Progressively you’re extracting yourself from identification with the mind, the emotions and the body. Your mast through the storm becomes the quiet inner sanctum, what we at Openhand call the Sacred Ground of Being – gained through plentiful meditation. It’s attained by letting go in the external, and deepening the feeling experience of presence at the core of you. This becomes exactly who you are, rather than any label or identity. And when you connect, it’s always there, eternal, unmoving, although it does evolve in experience the more you pay attention to it.

The Sacred Ground of Being becomes your mast in the storm, but then from this place, like the wind, the soul blows into your sails and takes direction. This is where we need to learn how to navigate, or else it’s all too easy to get blown back onto 3D rocks once more.

Purpose and Orientation of the Soul

The soul has an orientation all of its own, that is unplanned and without intention. It’s simply blowing, streaming, like the wind. But it does have a purpose and understanding this is crucial to correct navigation. The soul is NOT dependent on outcomes, goals or objectives. But have no doubt, it will create these in abundance. The soul is yearning to express and to actualise temporary crystallisations of the One. It’s all about authentic being in any given moment, felt as rightness within the expression.

You can test this in small ways in the beginning: for example within a difficult relating situation with an acquaintance or colleague. Instead of trying to fix it, or being caught in endless repetitive loops, instead settle back into your Sacred Ground of Being and then allow authentic expression simply to come through you. If you don’t know what that is, ask inwardly, “show me!”

If you don’t get the answer the first time, it’s because you don’t see it (we are always answered!): so reflect upon why you were tight, drawn in, identified? Work to let go. Then watch for reflections of beingness aorund you. You’ll know when a synchronistic reflection lands because you’ll feel it.

I recall exploring how to be more uplifting and motivational in seminars. It centred around a feeling of beingness, which wanted to be naturally expressed, that served me to tune into. At one particular seminar one evening, at the end of a stormy and grey day, the audience slowly assembled with coats and hoods, shuffling in looking pretty miserable and grey – I’d manifested the perfect challenge! The seminar began well, but then I seemed to be empathically drawn downwards into the audience’s depressed mood. This was not on, “show me!” I asked. As I’m speaking, immediately my attention was drawn to a little old lady on the back row, who had to peer around the person in front so as to see. She had a broad smile on her face, a radiant warmth on her cheeks and a twinkle in her eyes – she was resonating on every word! Immediately I had the feedback loop. It lifted my spirits and enhanced my natural motivational vibe. It felt like me. The seminar was a great success.

Transforming Daily Life with Constructive Feedback Loops

You can get these reflections in all aspects of life when you’re paying attention: in nature for example, and the creatures that suddenly come across your path. How are they reminding you to be? What signs and synchronicity appear, what music and lyrics, what patterns and colours, sacred shapes and numerology do you witness?

But how does this pay the bills plenty will ask?

The circle comes back to orientation. If your life is about making ends meet within the 3D, then you’ll continually get drawn into that disempowering loop – you’ll keep recreating the poverty consciousness. But if you orientate yourself with the shift into higher dimensions and pay attention to the feedback loops of the soul, then something truly miraculous starts to happen…

You start to manifest and create in a different way. Your higher self starts to weave a new landscape even before you have any lower intention to do so. You’re wondering how does a particular situation get resolved? Open up. Ask, “show me”, then express the natural beingness that comes through. Now you’re walking a different path, through a multidimensional landscape that starts to weave around you.

7 Types of Poverty Consciousness to Breakthrough

Yes you will fall off this immaculate pathway of light plenty of times. But falling off is a crucial aspect too – because it’s where you hit the boulders of doubt, fear or poverty consciousness. Rather than giving up though, once more the key is to quickly break through this density by turning into it and identifying the attachment. Let it go, and you quickly expand onto the path of light once more.

Living in the Flow State

Steadily trust and faith build. Progressively your landscape becomes multidimensional as you’re informed in a different way. You start to feel great within yourself, at deep centred peace, but at the same time, expressive and charismatic in the outer. Now situations shape abudantly around you. You find you always have the resources to take the step that you’re next being guided into. This defines the miraculous pathway into the New Paradigm of the 5D. You may or may not trust in the destination. No matter. Each step in that direction of itself becomes completely divine. I call it living in the flow state…

If you resonate with this Openhand Approach to navigating through the currently tempestuous waters of the shift, then come and explore the work of the
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See you there.


Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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