Unwinding Inner Identities in the Process of Enlightenment

November 18th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Due to escalating distractive nature of society, it’s easy for the lower and higher self to get separated – to be living a life that is not truly aligned with your divine purpose and destiny. If this is happening you’ll feel dissonance internally as triggering tightness, dis-ease or frustration. Often this internal separation happens as a result of programmed behaviourisms that took root early in life – neediness in relationships, poverty consciousness, or a lack of self-worth that then derail into some external need of gratification.

If we can get inside these limiting loops, then we can dissolve away the limiting identities formed. Lower self purifies and higher self integrates into your life for maximum fulfilment.

Nothing can replace inner completeness

It would seem that society has become the perfect vehicle for down-grading human beingness. From the pollutants and poisons intoxicating food, to heavy metal chemtrails that rain onto the earth or the electrosmog that pervades the airwaves (not to mention the “plandemonium”!), it would seem the perfect environment has been created to disconnect people from the divine source, and addict them to subservient lifestyles governed essentially by fear, the sense of lack or the desire for material abundance.

We can break this! We can escape it by transcending it. But we have to be aware of the layers it effects internally and then work diligently within to peel of the layers that draw us in.

There comes a point of realisation that nothing in the external world can replace the sense of fulfillment and completeness that you get from going within. Not that we shouldn’t enjoy what we can in the external world, but most importantly, realise that it is the reflection of inner beingness actualising itself that brings true and lasting joy. The world is meant as a mirror to our authentic nature, the magnificence of what we can truly be when we let go of the need for any kind of outcome. Beneficial and pleasurable creations will happen, but the key is not to be fixated by any particular thing that can suck you in and own you.

Inner filters that limit life’s experience

When this kind of realisation dawns, which is accelerating for many as society goes increasingly crazy, then inner purification becomes essential: the cleansing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies so that lost fragments of soul gold may be reclaimed and reconnected with the core stream of beingness inside. Increasingly you sense you’ve tapped into the flow from the divine source and it feels heavenly. What is it that we actually need to cleanse and purify?

Inner identities are complex networks of conditioned behaviours that are distortions of true soulful impulses.

Remember the first time you fell in love: the heavenly joy of divine union, made manifest in the physical; the intoxicating sensuality, filling ones consciousness like the scent of a spring rose. But then the relationship breaks down, and in the desperate searching to understand why, all manner of negative emotions can be activated. Blame and judgment perhaps, denial or questions of self worth. If the energy is not processed and released, then a distorting veil may embed in the subconscious, from which fixed neural pathways take shape in the brain. Next time the potential for a loving relationship develops, the risk is to project onto the possible partner a veil of one’s own fear, neediness or limitation. The relationship has a hefty burden to bear even before it begins to grow.

How can you resolve this problem?

Self realisation of the soul

Ideally what should be happening is the firing of a soul impulse, temporarily reflected through neural connections, which then infuse the body with mirroring neural peptides. The self realised soul is able to be fully immersed in the experience and quickly release it as the experience has fulfilled its purpose, knowing its inherent completeness beyond attachment and identification.

But if fragments of soul – where self realisation fails – ‘break off’ and get lost in the eddy current of identification, then all manner of fixed neural pathways develop. It might take only a word, a picture, or a thought to fire up the web of activity and you’re suddenly consumed by negative neural peptides that infuse the bodily cells, sucking you deeper into the drama. It’s how most people in society live their daily lives, constantly relying on soft “medication” (like alcohol, processed sugar, caffeine, and nicotine) either to suppress or temporarily boost. The key to the purification process though – assuming you know you really want to be free – is to confront the internal triggering – the pain – as it is happening. In so doing, we can truly break the cycles once and for all.

The effects of pain and fear are illusionary, held in place only by identification with them. Imagine jumping under a cold shower. If you’re unused to it, you’ll likely ‘retract’ inwardly, spontaneously contract the muscles, shorten the breath and jump out as quickly as possible. What this does, is simply to cement in your consciousness the idea that it is cold, unpleasant and something to be avoided. The roots of identification, limitation and therefore disempowerment of the soul have begun to take hold. But if instead, you decided to confront the limitation, you might stand under the water and soften into it. You might become intimately engaged with the inner feelings, relax into them and not judge them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. That way you can penetrate the coldness and find something else beyond the mind’s limited judgment. You might find vivacity and aliveness for example. Now you are liberating yourself from the disempowerment; you are cleansing the negative energy you’ve built up and what’s more important, breaking the fixed neural pathways of conditioned behaviours. You’re actually breaking down the identities.

7 Ways to Unravel Life’s Limitations

Some simple and basic steps can help break the cycles. But we have to be committed to the process. Just dipping one’s toes in the water will not suffice. It has to be a full-on confrontation – you have to be ‘all-in’. Here are 7 approaches…

1) First recognise and accept the limitation of the inner identities, by watching the daily patterns that disempower you and lower your energy. So become the Observer of yourself and your emotions in all daily activities.

2) If you witness yourself reacting to an event, contracting down with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions, stop. Go deeply into the feelings, working to understand what need for an outcome you think you have of the situation. The soul has no need of any particular result. Soften your attachment by remembering your completeness inside.

3) If you really don’t have the time, it’s not safe or wise to deal with this density in the moment it arises, then contain the energy, make a mental note about it, but then come back to it later that day; invoke the energy once more by recalling the incident and immersing yourself back into it. See the visions and feel the feelings once more.

4) As you allow yourself to feel the energy of the situation, we must work to become as one with this density; because ‘the One’ (in you) has the capacity to be awesomely okay with it. So the key is to find a way of fully expressing the pain of the contraction: whether it be a sense of worthlessness, sadness, guilt or anger for example. Find some music that most speaks to you of this energy; move and express to it. In this way, you’re honouring your pain, becoming one with it – steadily you lose identification with it.

5) Ask yourself does this identity – this concealed filter – serve your life? Assuming you feel no (!), then work to let go of the attachment that created it – the need for the situation to be a certain way; or resistance of how it truly is. Stop trying to control. Remember, what you’re really looking for, is the completeness within. Sit quietly, meditate on the situation, feel the contractions, but then as you recognise you’re ready to let go, get the sense that you’re opening a door through the density – through the pain – into the completeness of pure presence. Sense yourself transcending through the density.

6) Now that you’ve become ‘the One’, it’s time to unravel and cleanse away the tightened density of the old identity. This can be done in meditation, through breathing, deep consciousness movement, dancing to music, exercise or walking in the countryside connecting through the five senses. In so doing, you release endorphins that block the cells take up of negative neuro peptides.

7) Once the denser energy has been released, let breath open a wider internal space, then watch for the arising of an authentic soulful pull – the sense of expressive ‘rightness’. Now begin to express this ‘Right Action’ as a natural affect of your authentic beingness, thus breaking the old patterning and establishing a more highly evolved consciousness.

Transfiguration into Your Highest Spiritual Self

The inner identities formed progressively soften and break down. It’s crucial to say you don’t lose the authentic expression embedded within them – the curiosity and adventure of the child for example. Instead, the distortions are peeled away, lower and higher selves are progressively integrated, and you – as the “Seer” – step out of the limiting dynamic. You’re now free to be more authentic in daily life. Resultantly, your life becomes increasingly harmonious and the inner world is seamlessly reflected into the outer. Life becomes more joyful – even sadness becomes more manageable without lingering into distortion.

So purifying and integrating inner identities is paramount to spiritual progression. And it’s something we need to fully confront as the identities activate. Integral awareness then dissolves the separated self into the light of pure beingness. It’s a powerful prescription for evolutionary success. It’s a fundamental aspect of Openhand’s coursework. Discover more…
Openhand Ascension Academy

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