2022: Why Society is Moving Into Spiritual Realignment – “Gateway 2”

January 26th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

5GATEWAYS is a profound route-map that’s come to us from the ancients. It can chart the shift and the challenges we must unfold through. You can, for example, see clearly how the plandemonium manifested because the energy of the shift was emerging from the physical density – the shadow lurking there was projected out into society. The clear invitation was to reclaim soul sovereignty. Now, with 2022, the shift is moving onto the plane of emotions, inviting a “Realignment” to soul-led decision-making in life. This is no easy shift. It will challenge you on all levels and especially in relationships.

It’s time for core-splitting self-honesty and going with the pull of the soul.
No matter what.

Changing from “What to Do?” to “How to Be?”

Before the shift, you’re mentally deciding what job to do, where to live, how to act within relationships – all choices of what to “do” – the mind is simply so accustomed to forming goals, agendas, false dreams, illusionary needs and aspirations. People approach practically every circumstance and engagement with other people with the mind in the mode… “how can I shape this to fit my agenda” (even if the agenda is well-intentioned). Either that, or each engagement is controlled and restricted by fears, need to control, or sense of obligation and responsibility.

In the shift around Gateway 2, a huge change is invited: In the face of being impelled to make conditioned, reactive, mind-led decisions, you’re caused to let go, expand into the opening inner space and instead, find an authentic way to be. If you can hold back the pre-conditioned programmed behaviours, which want to automatically kick in, and we instead open a wider internal space, then there’s the opportunity for the soul simply to arise. It will express through you, aligned with who you truly are.

Let’s be clear, this is no easy shift to make. You’ll have created a landscape around you based on conditioned desires, needs and fears – co-dependency in relationships for example. The soul will want to test all of these ties so that you’re free to make authentic choices beyond the bounds of labels and fixations into the outer world. It will feel like you’re being pulled in two different directions. It will challenge the nature of every rigid fixation with life.

The power of Authentic Creativity

Now here’s the real key: true acts of creativity, of authentic ‘decision making’ – those aligned with the natural organising energy of the universe – are shaped by authentic beingness. It’s an energy that infuses through you when you make space for it. This energy can shape simple synchronicities that put you in the right place at the right time for exactly the right exchange, or it can literally move mountains (and anything within that spectrum).

But it is not easy to hold that open internal space in the beginning. The mind will want to rush in with its constant questioning of what to do next. It is a skill which is inherent to all of us, but one which we need to work at to rediscover. Essentially, it’s all about surrendering absolutely to the moment and then aligning with what you simply know in our hearts wants to happen. And, is backed by synchronicity.

In the beginning, it’s hard to know if you’re coming from the soul or the ego. So often, the ego will be wrapped up in emotion which may cause you to think you’re coming from true feelings (so often I hear people say “I’m feeling to do this” when actually they’re still thinking what to do, but the conditioned emotions that arise express like feelings!).

Beware also the spiritual identity. It’s that which has learned how to mimic soul-led decision-making. It’s so well educated in the various flows of the soul that it can copy the sense of the soul. Crucially though, it’s still taking the easy way out, the convenient decision, one which protects the needs and desires of the identity. It’s protecting and justifying itself. To break this apart is to drop into the heart and go with spontaneous decision-making and flow. Go with the spontaneity before the spiritual ego can interject with, “this is how we should do it.”

Deep inner yearning

If you are really touching the place of the soul, then you’ll touch a place of deep inner yearning, aligned with the absolute core of your being and most importantly, that will be confirmed by the objective hand of universal synchronicity supporting your actions. More and more you feel aligned with a flow that has a sense of higher purpose: essentially one that reveals distorted behaviours in people and gives energy to their true gifts of beingness instead.

What will greatly help, is to keep giving energy to those aspects in your life that truly makes your soul sing. By that I mean things that bring simple joy of living, when you feel ‘in the groove’ of life, where everything clicks into place or where you get that deep ‘aha’ feeling of rightness inside. And you need to take continual time in quietness and stillness, to let internal chatter and metabolism settle so we can feel these authentic yearnings of the soul.

Let’s be clear though, to be following soul-led decision making isn’t always the soft and easy option – far from it. Often your joy is bound up with obligation and sense of responsibility – it is curtailed or restrained. The soul will want to break apart all of these limitations so that you’re able to experience boundless freedom and joy in all aspects of your life. So following the path of the soul, is not immediately the easy one of softness and joy. Exoansive joy comes from the progressive liberation.

Slowly but surely, the volume of the soul will be turned up. You’ll follow it more and more until you realise that the only truly harmonious experiences in life – ones that are completely fulfilling – are those initiated by the soul. Then there’s a complete letting go into the soul, an inner commitment to tune in and follow it – at whatever the apparent personal cost (to the ego). This Realignment is like a breaking down, sobbing moment. The realisation that the only worthwhile moment is where you’re coming from this core-splitting profound self-honesty. There’s now an active engagement and participation in EVERY moment of your life.

The Shift is in the Driving Seat

To be perfectly clear, the shift is in the driving seat within society. What do I mean? It would be easy to look at the world and see the various machinations of the shadow within the plandemonium and project that “they have control”. Plenty of alternatives see the “cult” as driving things. When in actual fact they are only reacting to the shift.

Think back to Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. Yet again we witness a sophisticated society built on manipulation and control. Yet the cyclical galactic superwave and solar nova event, due to the shift, swept it all effortlessly away. We are at just such another cycle of convergence and emergence of consciousness. It is this movement that the shadowstate are reacting to – trying to lock consciousness down.

The shadow will fail, just as it always has. So let’s stop handing power over to it by projecting that it is in control, it is in the driving seat. It most definitely is NOT!!

The challenge of our lives

Expect to be challenged by the Realignment. Especially now in society, as the energy shifts through the plane of emotions. My experience in working with people around the world, is that you’re often faced with very challenging life circumstances when you transition Gateway 2. For instance, you’ll likely be invited to end relationships which no longer serve (but perhaps where there’s a sense of obligation or responsibility still); or you’re called upon to give up a secure job or business; or to change locations to an entirely new place, leaving behind many relationship attachments.

The soul will want to create a new landscape, where those people and circumstances in it, are constantly reflecting the true nature of being. Thus you create positive feedback loops that help your soul emerge, express and grow.

Yes, Gateway 2 can be very challenging indeed – perhaps the most challenging of all. Yet when you truly surrender into it, giving up all need to control your life, the sense of liberation as you pass through the Gateway is truly amazing. It frequently brings people to tears. The Realignment – aligning to what is really real – is a truly life-changing experience indeed!

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Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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