Activate Your Higher Mind: Navigate Life’s Complexity – 8 Ways to Do it

April 22nd, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In this great reset that the shadow is desperately trying to impose on society, it’s essential that we be informed more by higher knowing, and create our reality from the infusion of divine guidance. It’s cloudy out there – divine inspiration must inform into our reality. It’s all about opening to higher mind and harnessing its energy into our being. Here’s an understanding of how higher “divine” mind best works and 8 ways to better activate in into your life.

Higher Mind – channeling pure knowing

By a cacophony of methods, society has shunted the consciousness of a broad swathe of humanity deeply into the realm of Lower Mind. Constant distraction, illusionary desires and addiction to synthetic lifestyles have created a fear-based control drama that over-stimulates Lower Mind so that it swallows up a great deal of soul consciousness. We have natural access to a divine symphony orchestra, but it’s being drowned out by an overactive base drum!

Higher Mind is much more gentle, subtle, expanded, and open. It thrives on soft, abstract, and flowing; it needs no immediate solutions. It expands and opens, feeling the harmony of the moment like the sensitive tentacles of an ancient sea anemone. It doesn’t need to calculate, logic or intention. Such activities are all Lower Mind based. All too frequently they come from a place of non-acceptance of the moment.

Higher Mind works from the place of absolute trust – knowing the inevitability of the Divine Design. When it is fully open and acting as it was designed to, it can weave synchronistic magic through the densest of places, unravel the most complex Gordian knot of tightness; it can move mountains, and build a solid path across wafer-thin ice. It simply knows which way the Universe is heading and what it’s shaping because it is an integral part of that flow. From my perspective, its purpose is…

“To shape the immediate circumstances of one’s life to bring the natural flow of the Universe through our being and therefore shape our reality according to the Divine Design so that we may evolve, learn and express our divine gifts of beingness.”

Building Trust in the Divine…Why Trust is Worth It

How to get Higher Mind working for You?

Imagine for a moment you encounter a “problem” in your life: for example a difficult situation within a relationship; or it could be your living circumstances where maybe a change of location would best suit your new level of consciousness; or it could be that your career no longer satisfies. Traditional thinking in society would have you rationalise, contemplate the options and then weigh the various factors to arrive at the best solution. This is to completely disregard the limitless shaping capacity of Higher Mind. It shows lack of trust in Right Outcome and it actually closes down your connection to the higher planes where Higher Mind Functions. Instead, I’ve found Higher Mind works much more effectively from a place of surrendered openness…

“It’s all about letting go of the need for an outcome; it’s about facing your fear that the end result might not be as an ego would want it to be; that you might have to confront and overcome self imposed restrictions and limiting beliefs you might hold about yourself.

From this place of surrendered openness, we may then relax, expand our consciousness and simply bring our attention to the problem; then trust that Higher Mind is shaping the situation according to our highest interests and the best interests of all life. Having done this, all we then need to do, is ask the question “what would you have me do now?” and watch what our higher self is asking us to do; then to take the next step…that which naturally reveals itself.

How will you know if Higher Mind is coming active?

1) You’ll start getting flashes of “future-landing-now” – visions of what is beginning to crystallise in the field.
2) A feeling sense of moving towards and into a particular situation in your life, backed by signs and synchronicity around you
3) The reactivity of anticipation, anxiety and fear because the Lower Self is wanting to resist this course of action.

If you feel the fear, it’s actually a good sign, you just have to work to break through it.
(Here are 5 Ways to Breakthrough Fear)

Once you start opening through the fear, you’ll pick up a new sense of divine beingness, which manifest a more aligned reality for you and illuminates the best path forwards.

Transcending fear to follow Higher Mind

No, we don’t have to vision or intention the outcome. The Right Outcome simply happens. All we have to do is bring our attention to the problem, expand, relax, open and trust that Right Action is beginning to flow through the situation. We have to let go of fear doubt and disbelief. I’m reminded of a powerful incident that happened to me a few years ago…

We’d found a house in Glastonbury which was quite expensive (£695 per month), our earnings were at the time were quite low and it wasn’t at all clear how we could afford it. After the first month, sure enough we didn’t have sufficient funds to pay the rent, however I did have a car that I could live without which was worth around £700. So I felt to sell it and thought the best way might be on the internet through “Auto-trader” – that’s how I’d always done it in the past and traditional thinking would say I’d reach the widest audience.

However, just at the moment I tried to take a photo of the car, the batteries on the camera ran out! I thought to replace them but just as the thought landed in my mind a huge black cloud passed over head and it started to rain. By now it was clear to me that a greater energy was at work – I simply don’t believe in coincidences! So at this point I completely surrendered to what I should do next. Having asked the question “what would you have me do now?”, I jumped into the car and drove to where I would normally park it – the space was full. I continued driving to the next street but as I drove up it, a car did a sudden U-turn in front of me. It had a “JC” in the number plate and I felt a pull to turn around and follow it. If the Christ Consciousness wants to help me sell my car – so be it! I was led on a merry journey which took me onto Glastonbury High Street – and as I was driving down it, suddenly a car pulled out in front of me with its hazard warning lights on. I experienced a distinct and sudden knowing to park the car in the freed place. Here’s where lower mind then kicked it – “maybe I should put a price on it and leave it there?” It seemed like a good idea until doubt and disbelief began to raise their ugly heads “but it could be days before anyone sees it; this all seems a bit like too much chance”.

However I overcame their noisy chatter and relaxed. I found pen and paper and priced the car at £700. It was now about 5pm in the evening. To my great surprise (I’m no longer surprised by the amazing organising power of Higher Mind!), I received a phone call the very next morning at around 9am. A passer-by had seen the car and was interested – he knocked on my door a short while later. As we shook hands, it was clear there was some kind of connection between us that spanned the passage of time. I invited him in and a deep sharing took place about the meaning of life, the nature of the Universe, even the kitchen sink – but absolutely no mention of the car! After about three hours, with all conversation exhausted, it seemed like it was time for him to leave and so I asked “what about the car?” We looked at each other, smiled and then doubled up with laughter – we’d forgotten the supposed purpose of our meeting!

At which point, he reached into his inside pocket and handed me an envelope with £700 cash in it! He never checked the car, just simply took the log book and keys. As he was leaving, tears welled up in my eyes. I’d rarely encountered anyone prepared to trust to this level. As he left, I asked him how he managed to come by the car in the first place? To which he replied “oh that’s simple. I thought I was looking for a new home in Glastonbury, but I also needed a car. Your car was parked opposite one of the estate agents. I just followed the pull!”

Timing is Everything

It’s also crucial to say that timing is everything. The guidance you pick up will confront you with inner density to be worked through and let go of. The field then must steadily crystallise around you and bring other aspects into play. At first your guidance will feel higher vibrational and “out there” – meaning you pick it up in signs and synchronicity outside of the body. But then it must be brought into the body in a felt sense.

You notice your body responding to the flow – as a pull through the heart for example. It’s essential to hold the infusing energy until you feel that sense of it “clicking” within you – the landing of pure knowing.

Here’s how to craft Lower Mind as Your Friend and Ally

8 Ways to Reactivate Higher Mind

So how might you best activate the awesome majesty of Higher Mind? Here are 8 practical steps you can explore…

1) Inner Purification: In order to access Higher Mind in the first place, we must purify our lower bodily vehicles so that Soul Consciousness is liberated from the lower realms and can flow upwards, plus Higher Self can infuse down. This involves purifying your diet from the denser vibrations such as meat to the lighter ones of grain, vegetables and fruit. It also involves meditation type practices to cleanse and purify your Emotional Body and Lower Mind. For more advice on raising our energetic vibration through conscious eating, click on this link…
Openhand Conscious Cafe

2) Dissolving Distortions: We must cleanse the brain and Lower Mind of conditioned behaviour patterns. We must erase the programs in our lives by confronting those moments where we would succumb to them and instead follow our higher truth. This is achieved by becoming the Observer of ourselves in all circumstances, watching our tightness arising as a result of the choices we continually make and instead choosing that which is in our highest interests and that of all life – that which ultimately leaves us more expanded and open. “Openhand Approach” is a powerful method of helping achieve this. Find out more…Openhand Approach.

3) Opening the Heart: We must open the Heart as fully as possible. In other words we must begin to feel more of the natural joy and beauty of life all around us. This involves giving more time each day to those things that bring us joy, openness and expansion. Be careful here though – it’s not a case of “anything goes”. It’s all about what makes us feel truly expanded and liberated inside (without unnatural side effects!). It’s when we feel “in the groove” so to speak. You could also try our moving meditation…
The Six Senses Walk…Six Senses Walk

4) Attuning to the flow: Higher Mind can be likened to a muscle; if we don’t use it, it will wither away. To exercise it, we have to give room for spontaneous acts of higher knowing within our lives. Here at Openhand we play a game called “free wheeling”, being open, asking “what would you have me do now?”, following the pull and witnessing what signs and synchronicities we then observe. It’s a powerful exercise to activate Higher Mind and attune to the natural flow. Quite apart from that, it can be great fun!

5) Contemplating Abstractions: Higher Mind can also be opened by contemplating abstract issues such as the meaning of life. The key is that there be no need of an outcome or solution. Simple enjoyment in the contemplation is the key. That’s why reading about spiritual matters can be so valuable.
That’s one of the purposes of Openhand’s Book 5GATEWAYS

6) Cultivating humour and optimism: If we expect our lives to falter and for negativity to happen to us, then surely enough we’ll create that in our lives. Here at Openhand we believe success is measured by the degree of internal harmony, contentment and satisfaction we experience. If we’re open to a more optimistic way of looking at things, then surely enough, Higher Mind will help us realise the solution to the supposed ‘problem’ thereby yielding greater harmony. Cultivating a greater sense of humour is also paramount to Higher Mind creation – laughing in the face of life’s difficulties, always looking for the lighter side.

7) Creating for the fun of it: We can begin to ‘flex’ Higher Mind by creating just for the fun of it. So for example taking up the arts, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, painting, writing, building or modelling. The key is that there be no effort for an outcome. So for example, if we’re learning to play the guitar, it’s not about the tune we play, it’s just about playing with sound and seeing what comes from it. If we’re efforting to learn chords, it’s likely this will constrict Higher Mind, not unleash it. It’s the same reason that so many people like to write. Have you thought about contributing your creative thoughts to our forum for example? It can help amazingly…Openhand Forum.

8) Responding to the Flash of Inspiration: as Higher Mind activates you’ll start to receive flashes of inspiration that seem to come from nowhere and land in an instant. It’s essential to trust in these visions and knowings and to follow them – to step in that direction. It’s a fast vibration that can easily be written over by the machinations of Lower Mind. So always follow the flash of inspiration, where you’re now opening channels and pathways for this divine higher light to infuse in – trust that it knows where it’s taking you!

Feeling the way forwards

Many of society’s most successful artists also come from the place of Higher Mind channeling spontaneous higher wisdom expressed in a third dimensional way. We just know higher truth when we experience it don’t we? It’s packed with deep, heart felt feelings, stirring emotions and powerful love. Synchronistically as I was writing this I felt moved to take a break, play some music and dance (even though it was 4am in the morning!). I took out my ipod put the music on shuffle and let higher consciousness pick the tune for me. It came up with this song “Search for the Hero inside yourself”…

“In this life, long and hard though it may seem, Live it as you’d live a dream. Aim so high. Just keep the flame of truth burning bright, The missing treasure you must find. Because you, and only you alone Can build a bridge across the stream. Weave your spell in life’s rich tapestry – Your passport to a feel supreme.”

Ah yes! nectar for the soul! So why not invest some energy?

Open to the so called “problems” in your life; contemplate them without efforting; trust that the weave is being woven; break through any fear, then simply take the natural path that reveals itself. To help you on your way, we recorded this free Higher Guidance Meditation. Be inspired.

Activating Higher Mind is a big part of our work at the Openhand Ascension Academy – being informed from the higher flow. To discover more…
Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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