5D Shift: Andromedan Vibration Overcoming Inertia of the Ra Energy

August 9th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We have a lot of higher vibrational support in the field right now resonating from the Star Beings supporting the shift, and especially the Andromedans. There’s much inertia to overcome, that of the limiting “Ra” energy for example that wants to keep us soft and non-committal “on the sofa”.

Here’s what that’s about including 5 ways to break down the inertia to support a faster creative vibration in your life.

Breaking out of the Limiting Bubble

The Ra energy is a collectivised consciousness that was highly prevalent on the planet during the Atlantean times centering on the civilisation of Egypt – the Goddess Isis drew her power from Ra, but then lured the population into a limiting bubble-like existence. Much of their challenges were taken away. Resources were plentiful. But they paid for it with their soul sovereignty.

The Ra energy is still abound on the planet today from the 4th Density. It plays on a truth – that of non-duality. But by applying that through the field, it limits people from their full soul expression – honouring the uniqueness in their soul-ray-harmonic: the 7 rays of consciousness. It’s not just about surrendering, but having the gumption to commit, to strive to grow, to get up and go!

Explore the 7 rays of soul consciousness and how to activate them

Profound Connection with the Andromedan Star Beings

At the recent Openhand Facilitator’s Conference amongst the sacred stones and crop circles of Avebury we discovered and anchored the antidote to this energy. It was a connection with the fast vibration of the Andromedan star beings here to support humanity in the planetary shift.

The crop circles are a glorious way in which several of these ET groups are connecting and communicating. It’s a language that speaks through sacred geometry which weaves through the intuition, way before it reaches lower mind. You can palpably feel the energy when you’re in an authentic one. This year we’ve been absolutely blessed by the sequences created.

It may seem a degree “out there” to some. You might not see these star beings. No matter – it’s the frequency that counts. I found that the Andromedans “spoke” particularly by resonating a high vibration through the 3rd eye. They also announced their connection to the Openhand group through a majestic sequence of synchronicity, which you can read about here…

Profound Connections with Andromedan Star Beings Supporting the Shift

Since returning to my hometown of Glastonbury, having basked in the wonderful high vibration of the Andromedans, it felt like I’d walked into a wall of inertia. Perhaps it was exacerbated by the extremely hot weather? But there was a heaviness too, and a sense of pointlessness, a not wanting to do anything. I recognised it as the Ra energy from an earlier pilgrimage in Egypt this year.

It would have been easy to loll about in the Ra soft comfort! However, I had plenty still to do in anchoring the Andromedan energy. In any case, I find it extremely limiting and demotivating in daily life – I’d rather dump it pretty quickly!

The question is, how to break down the limiting inertia?

5 ways to Break Down Limiting Inertia

1. When you recognise the energy of inertia slowing you down, it’s good to move into intermittent fasting. It makes sure you’re not simply comfort eating, and de-energising various of your vibrational vehicles – the emotional and energy body for example.

2. If you find yourself a degree “couch-bound”, then be sure to get up and go for a brisk 20 minute walk each day, even if you feel tired.

3. If the body feels heavy, drink some green tea, kombucha or coffee or eat some raw, sugar-free chocolate – although be sure not to overdose on these or else there’s the risk of feeling heavy afterwards.

4. Practice some yoga or Qigong. Be inspired by energetic dance music that encourages you to sway and move. Explore some daily creativity.

5. Change your daily routines and patterns. Break down old habits. Take off free wheeling, watch the signs, synchronicity and sacred geometry that appear on your path. Feel the embodiment of that faster vibration especially in the 3rd eye.

Star Beings Drawing Close

The Andromedan and other star beings are drawing close at this time to support us. They want to help us break down these limiting energies and patterns. To benefit from the infusions we must take the step, reach out, and build bridges within by breaking down the inertia of old patterns.

It will invigorate and uplift creativity in your life and feel absolutely marvellous.

It’s something we’ll be working on during the upcoming World Ascension Summit, Avalon Rising 22. You can gain a snapshot here, then pick yourself up a ticket at the link below…

Avalon Rising 22: World Ascension Summit
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Here’s to breaking down inertia!


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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