Some Pointers (and Pitfalls) for Talking With Nature

Some Pointers (and Pitfalls) for Talking With Nature

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Look again at the title of this article. Be aware that this is about talking with Nature, not simply talking to it. Most people talk to their cats and dogs, even chickens and parrots, maybe even goldfish. But very few people talk with them. For this to happen, you need to be open to them answering you… and most people are not! And even if you are open to an answer, it is unlikely that you will be listening.

Okay, so what is this all about?

Essentially, Nature lives and expresses in and from the moment. We people, very, very rarely express in and from the moment. Nature has no choice about this, it cannot leave the conscious moment. We have a lot of choices; we call it free will! Free will… that’s a misnomer if ever I heard one! If you have free will, try being consciously in the moment for one minute. Okay… you failed. Almost certainly, you were thinking! To be consciously in the moment, you must be without thought. Why? You can think your way out of the moment, but you cannot think your way into it. Thoughts take you into the past, or the future, but thought cannot take you into the moment. Nature does not live and express in the past or future; it lives consciously in the eternal moment.

Suddenly, talking with Nature is far more than it appears to be.

It is a skill, a natural art, an inner potential inherent in all humanity. This begs the question; if it is natural to us, why is it so rarely used? To talk with Nature, you are required to use your whole-brain/heart connection. Most people seldom do this. Most people use a left-brain connection only. This means that most people attempt to have an intellectual relationship with Nature, which is not possible. Nature is not an intellectual expression. Nature is an expression of conscious intelligence . . . as are we! We just don’t live that way any more. We have lost our fundamental connection with Nature, with truly living life and, sadly, with our quintessential Self.

You need to be really clear about what I have written above. If you would like to talk with Nature, you cannot bypass the reality of needing a conscious connection with Nature. And, sorry, but there is yet another hurdle! Nature lives in the conscious moment; consciously. We are very seldom consciously conscious. We live our lives subconsciously, and you cannot be subconsciously conscious! It is estimated that the average person lives approximately ninety-five percent of each day subconsciously. In effect, this means we live ninety-five percent of our whole life subconsciously. Scary, huh! In other words, we live a continuing repeat of each day, each year, each decade, each lifetime . . . with just enough variance that we are unaware of our addiction to more-of-the-same. And yet, everyone knows that we resist change!

You cannot change and remain the same. This is normal, regular, daily, unaware, inner conflict.

Conscious Quiet Connection

I have had a relationship with Nature for most of my life. Currently, my life is a process of moving ever deeper into the metaphysical realms of Nature and life . . . and sharing this in my books. You need to realise that the Nature you see, and relate to, is no more than the physical reflection of a vast metaphysical Nature. We need to go through that mirror reflection . . . into a greater reality. Obviously, we cannot do this physically, so we need to use our metaphysical Lightbody to go into the greater metaphysical reality.

However, this article is about talking with Nature. Okay, so how do we actually do this? First and foremost, you will need patience. You will also need to learn the art of listening. We do not listen, we hear. Hearing is not listening. A cat listens. Listening comes from the moment, and is a conscious act. Hearing is happening while we are otherwise involved; this is subconscious and mostly involuntary. Think about it! You hear the noise of traffic, but you are not actually listening to it. Listening is an art most people have lost. Listening takes you into the moment. You can hear and think, but you cannot listen and think!

When, in my early forties, I decided to consciously connect with Nature, it took me six years to learn to listen. Every day I visited a nearby river, to just sit and listen. Some days for several hours, others not as long. At first, all I heard were the sounds of distant traffic, birds, the physical river, and my own mocking thoughts, but after about three years, I began to inner-hear inaudible sound. I became aware that this inner-hearing – listening – came from a much deeper, quieter, part of me; the whole-brain/heart-soul connection.

We have constant thoughts; this is the mind endlessly regurgitating mental nonsense. No thoughts, and there is Silence . . . and in this Silence there is a song of power. Not your power, or Nature’s power, just power. But, you can connect with, and use, this power, so long as you do not personalise it. To do this requires trust. You trust yourself. Not easy! To talk with Nature means that this power is the conduit between you, trust, and Nature. All are necessary. It takes a big leap in consciousness to listen to a tree communicate with you, and know that this is not the fabrication of mind. I have read quite a few other people’s Nature communications, and have known them to be false. And this is okay; neither right nor wrong. Equally, I have read quite a few others, and known them to be true communication. If you think this sounds arrogant . . . so be it! I, certainly, had my time of not knowing the difference between the subtle mind and the subtlety of innercommunication. With a lot of practice and a lot of self-trust, you eventually arrive in a good place.

Criticising and berating yourself for your lack of patience, your inattention, or inability, or your lack of self-trust, or focus – or all of these! – gets you nowhere.

One Field of Energy

Okay, one more aspect to clarify. You are a metaphysical Being. You are an immortal Being in a mortal body. The Self you are is infinite; One with the All. There is nothing outside Self. To explain this now would take too long, but I will say this; beyond the physical, you, and all lifeforms, are each a field-of-energy. All these energy-fields connect; all are finally One . . . there is nothing outside Self. Get it?

When you sit down, become silent, and consciously focus on a tree . . . you and tree energetically connect. You share One field of energy. Tree is not outside Self. This is where communicating with Nature truly begins. While you perceive the tree and yourself as separate – ‘you’ talk with ‘tree’ – you are playing mind games . . . and believe me, mind has an endless repertoire. There are no such trees as Grandfather tree, or Sister tree, or Mother tree, etc., as is commonly spoken of; this is just mind playing a game with human emotions. Trees do not think or talk. Trees are the living repository of an immense amount of conscious experience. This is not necessarily tree experience; this is Earth/life experience. As stated, trees are an expression of conscious intelligence, but have no intellect. Trees are completely impersonal, but trees are always consciously connected with us. They experience Oneness; separation does not exist in Nature. They communicate with us in their conscious expression of growth, but nobody is listening. We do not even listen to each other, we just hear each others’ words.

To talk with Nature, all this has to change within us. You cannot talk with Nature and remain the person you currently are. You have to expand in consciousness . . . and grow. If you decide you want to learn to consciously communicate with Nature . . . you will not be able to do this and remain the same; change will take place within you. You will be pushed to grow, to expand, to become more flexible; the very process will demand it. You will discover that once you get out of the box that most people live in . . . there is a huge and wonderful greater reality waiting to welcome you.

And long has it waited.

– Michael J. Roads

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After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2014 marks his 23rd year of travelling around the world giving talks and 5-day intensives on unconditional love and emotional balance.

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  • Denise Ward

    Michael, seeing this article really struck me. I have recently realized that animals and trees and even microbes do respond to our vibrational emissions. I talk to the trees and the animals like they are people. They seem to respond to this. How they respond, to me talking to them, it seems, is by taking on an even greater beauty. I have this idea that what we appreciate comes to our service. I can’t explain it better than this though it seems clumsy. They bend to our movement, they aid our path. I’m wondering if they could even be magical. It sounds fanciful but what if I’m right? The way we look at the world, the way we appreciate each and everything, responds favorably to that appreciation. Don’t we do that ourselves? And since we are vibration, that is the language our heart transmits. Everything is here for us to interpret any way we want. And what we imagine comes about when coupled with feeling. Therefore one can derive anything from their environment. One may find good things, another bad. It is up to us to pluck out of our environment whatever our belief system attracts. You mentioned most people operate 95% on their sub-conscious and that is a kind of a default program. However the default can be changed just like it can be changed in a computer. This is very powerful and I am experimenting on myself every day. I know what will happen if I have doubt, but what will happen if I have pure confidence and trust?

  • OldeSoul

    Communicating with trees and other elemental beings is not as complicated as all this. You just place your ego aside, ask them if they would like to speak with you, and then listen to what they tell you telepathically. Trees are especially easy to commune with because they are still and very happy when anyone notices them at all. They are proud of their beauty, their flowers and leaves, fruits, cones and seeds, and get especially happy when a bird builds a nest in their branches. They get very excited when you notice them and touch them. They love children very much, but they are happy to talk with anyone who is interested in them. You can feel the energy flowing through them connecting the sun and the earth. They are warm in the winter and they each have a very distinct smell. All trees have faces, some of them have achieved gender, some grow together and pair for life. You can learn a lot from a tree; they are totally magical beings and knowing one is a great honor.