The Evolutionary Intention of the ‘Pluto in Virgo’ Generation

The Evolutionary Intention of the 'Pluto in Virgo' Generation

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Return of the Goddess

We live in a time where many of us are becoming increasingly aware that something deeper is awakening with in us. In this article I would like to share a perspective on our awakening, and the connection between this shift and a vibration unique to the generation of souls born on Earth between 1957 and 1972 — the Pluto in Virgo Generation.

The outer planets move through each sign very slowly so their influence is seen a generational basis, with Pluto taking from 10 to 20 years, depending on the sign. Thus, the evolutionary intentions of each outer planet is manifested on a collective level.

One of the most interesting aspects to note in our current reality is that, for many of us, the awakening experience is about becoming aware and understanding the connection we have not just to nature but to the cosmos. This can be understood through common words and concepts like oneness, unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, and love consciousness. The Pluto in Virgo Generation (1957-1972) is reflecting to us in different ways the process of aligning our whole selves with that inner knowing of connectedness. Through their own personal stories, the Pluto in Virgo generation will show us the way back home. (I personally believe that each generation contains a different vibration that aids humanity in its evolutionary cycle.)

I would like to begin by sharing some information on the core meaning of the constellation Virgo.

Understanding Virgo

From an evolutionary point of view, the constellation Virgo can be seen as a gateway between the subjective awareness of ourselves to the objective awareness of others. It can be best explained like this…

The top of a pyramid reflects our basic perspective of the world. Considering ourselves the centre of our reality, we are standing at the top of the pyramid looking down. The stability of the small portion of the pyramid closest to us, directly underfoot, is our main concern. The bulk of the pyramid below is furthest from our awareness, taken for granted, yet it is the foundation on which we stand.

The Virgo gateway reflects the flipping of the pyramid — the transition from us being on top to the bottom. It inverts our perspective. It creates the awareness and desire to see the larger whole, as it relates to others and not just as it relates to oneself. Understanding this perspective helps us to truly see ourselves as equal parts of the greater whole. This in turn starts the process of spiritual re-alignment and it works like this…

The polarity (opposite) of Virgo is Pisces. If Pisces symbolizes the night sky, the vast starry realm, then Virgo reflects the human on the ground, dwarfed by the enormity of the whole (at the bottom of the pyramid). This perspective then leads to the process of Virgo – the introspective, self-analytical consciousness. As a result of this introspection, we may feel a sense of lack or imperfection in our lives; which promotes the process of self-improvement. And this is the ultimate lesson of the archetype Virgo – to empower oneself through self-improvement.

The Evolutionary Intention of the 'Pluto in Virgo' Generation 3The Virgo constellation also promotes discernment.

The Virgo vibration in its natural state is feminine, goddess energy. The undistorted Virgo is the pure embodiment of spirit. The body-mind-spirit connection keeps the Virgo finely attuned to any impurity or imbalance within the soul, mind or body. She devotes herself to serving others, connected to humanity by her connection to nature. The goddess accepts and loves her body and expresses her physical, natural desires.

Understanding this, one can only imagine the profound imbalance and disconnection from Spirit consciousness that is caused by patriarchal rule. The dominance of masculine energy has annexed the divine feminine, creating an empty void within the Virgo — one that keeps her trapped in her mind, constantly analyzing, organizing and criticizing.

Pluto in Virgo Generation

The service generation.

As mentioned above, the sign Virgo relates to service. What I have noticed in my observations is that at a deep level, the Pluto in Virgo generation are being of service and help to humanity in their return to a state of inner harmony and balance. This is partly through the teaching of how to crate sacred space. The calmness and organization that promotes serenity and clarity as to easily flow and access higher realms of consciences. With meditation, the space that promotes access to the higher self can been seen as sacred space.

Many of you internalized an incredible amount of crisis while growing up. Most of the Pluto in Virgo generation will be born manifesting planetary symbols of Pluto and Uranus in conjunction. These two symbols brought radical changes in our world and also reflected a significant alignment in the process of personal spiritual growth. When we observe these two vibrations working together we see total liberation and radical change (Uranus) and intense psychological transmutation at a core level (Pluto).

What has been taking place here for the Pluto in Virgo souls on a collective level and individually is the utter change of past patterns at a core level. This story will play out somewhere in your lives (reflected by Pluto’s placement in your birth chart).

Patriarchy and the Goddess

Judgment/Criticism/Sense of lack/Guilt

As I mentioned, the Virgo vibration reflects the need to inwardly observe and analyse the nature of our psyche in order to purify any sense of illusions of grandeur – to create the awareness of something bigger than ourselves. In today’s patriarchal and hierarchical society, the Virgo archetype has become incredibly distorted. Many Pluto in Virgo generation souls will have subconscious memories from other lifetimes of intense irrational persecution, ridicule and judgment. Many were born into family situations in which there were some sort of religious practises, which mirror judgment and hierarchy back to us.

The Evolutionary Intention of the 'Pluto in Virgo' Generation 2The nature of the axis between Virgo/Pisces is looking at the natural connection between the source (Pisces/totality of conscious) and inward identification of that source (Virgo). This is how each and every one of us naturally accesses and understands our relationship to source. The essence of these symbols is emphasized for the Pluto in Virgo generation. Before there was patriarchal religion, life was one in which we had shamans, elders and ancient technologies that defined our spirituality and connection to the cosmos. Age, wisdom and diveristy were all valued, and the delicate connection to Mother Earth was both honored and fostered.

As we move closer along the earth timeline, say over the last 2000 years, we see the processes of understanding god/spirituality being reflected through churches and ideas invented by man. Many religious teachings today are based on the idea of god being some almighty (male) figure, and we as humans need to worship and atone for our ‘sins’ – the imperfections of our human nature – in order to achieve enlightenment. Heaven and hell, oppression, dominance, subordination and control have become the order. More importantly, religions teach us that spirit (Pisces) and flesh (Virgo/Taurus) are separate; that we are separate – from each other, and god itself.

Over many lifetimes, the internalisation of these practises took place in our society. Religious teachings ceased to recognize our connectedness – and our power – in this universe. Instead, a pervasive masculine ‘authority’ emerged, and “God” became a figurehead of judgement ruling over an innately ‘sinful’ humanity. With our spirituality so widely corrupted, our psychological state became one of debt and atonement just for existing, leaving us subservient, forever earning the ‘redemption’ of the Church. Over time, we accumulate memories (over many lifetimes) filled with guilt and the need to atone for something we have done ‘wrong’, and ultimately create our reality to reflect that unresolved feeling of guilt back to us. This is why you come into this lifetime with a very internalized perspective, and almost needing constant therapy.

It is interesting to note the synchronicity here, both Virgo and Scorpio are feminine/inward energies. And the Pluto in Virgo generation has Neptune in Scorpio, reflecting the healing process of the inner psyche.

There are some very deep layers to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction that I mentioned above. They go hand-in-hand with the guilt, rejection and persecution factor. On the deepest layer of this vibrations lies the trauma (Uranus) of the souls with fear and trust (Scorpio). Many of you will have this deeply ingrained in your psyche which would have played out many times in your life as betrayals and abandonment — and this is exactly what is happening on the deepest level here. Lives are being lived with this persecution, being rejected from groups and labelled outcasts – all because you essentially carry the vibration of transformation. The healing in this lifetime is the acceptance of your individuality and originality; the progressive letting of irrational guilt; and understanding this that this energy was internalised, and that it is not who you truly are.

Neptune in Scorpio

Abandonment and Betrayal of God (Love/unity consciousness).

Continuing with the above theme, most souls who fall into the Pluto in Virgo Generation will have within their lives an unconscious feeling of abandonment from god. The movement of Neptune (love) through the constellation Scorpio reflected a time in which there were two very clear realities. This in fact set the tone for your souls.

Many growing up with this influence were exposed to a world in which there were completely contrasting emotional realities existing side-by-side. On one hand you had events like explosion of the Beetles and popular culture, rapid technological development, the US landing people on the moon, and even events like the deciphering of the DNA code (Neptune/Scorpio). On the other there were tragic events like the assignations of JF Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, the story of Malcolm X, the Cuba missile crisis and war in Vietnam.

The Evolutionary Intention of the 'Pluto in Virgo' GenerationYou can see from these experiences that the reality in which the Pluto in Virgo generation were raised had an integral element of hopelessness, suffering, pain and confusion. Defining moments for this generation include the murders of thought leaders and unresolvable wars. However on the other hand there was the ecstasy of the uplifting events that brought everyone closer as a collective.

Many of these events were linked with the Uranus/Pluto symbols. On a deep level this transit brought with it internalized feelings that reflected the betrayals and massive loss of trust in the idea of LOVE, which in turn created the deep unconscious search for it. Again, part of this search has unfortunately been spent seeking a god that exists externally, largely due to religious teachings and conditioning. This has led to the intense distortion and questioning of how any loving God could “do this to humanity”, leaving the imprint of betrayal, abandonment, disempowerment and subconscious fear of trust.

In 2006/2007, the nodes of the moon moved through the signs of Virgo/Pisces. I believe this was an activation point for the Pluto Virgo generation. Deep within the DNA of the cellular memory exists our spiritual activation. I see the synchronicity play out like this…

We had the South node of the Moon in Virgo (reflecting past karmic imprints) and we had the North Node in Pisces (the intention of love/unity/Source). Then we had Uranus (liberation) moving through Pisces (Love/Source/Unity) and simultaneously we had Neptune in Aquarius (reflecting Love and Liberation). Can see the synchronicity here relative to what symbols were manifesting themselves during this time? Love, liberation and reconnection of the loss of faith.

These events were important because the spiritual lessons for those with Pluto in Virgo have often come through as one’s vessel/psychical body manifesting some sort of physical or mental condition. These lessons have presented as experiences in which one has needed to rely absolutely on faith in “the unknown” and surrender to a higher plan. This situation created the awareness that our bodies are out of alignment with our natural state, and that the very unnatural remedies (conventional medicine) that became so prevalent through our society’s progress simply don’t support for our health in the long term.

What humanity gained out of this is the awareness (gained through experience) that we are unable to sustain life living out of balance with Mother Nature (goddess), and that that the only way to truly heal the body is holistically – by honoring the mind body and soul connection and re-aligning to our natural processes and state of being.

I would like to link another layer to this and mention that because both Virgo and Scorpio are ‘yin’ vibrations (inwardly reflective) the significance of this is the healing (Neptune/Virgo) of one’s own psychology (Scorpio), releasing all feelings of negative judgment and aligning with the process of the self-acceptance. This whole aspect reflects how we are able to return to the source that exists inside us. The return back to love.

Cosmic Evolution – The Soul’s Purpose

Understanding your polarity point.

The evolutionary direction for these souls in this lifetime is to bring into awareness the vibration of love, unity consciousness, stillness and inner connection. For the Pluto in Virgo generation, each soul’s own personal journey is to heal deep karmic memories. By healing these karmic stories, this generation will (and have) become beacons of light that allow humanity to have full awareness of what is needed to be done and understood during this time of spiritual transformation; that in order to become aligned with source one must first recognize that source is within. And so this steers the journey back home, back to the essence of who we are; Total love. This is an amazing gift to bring humanity. I am eternally grateful to be alive in this time of inner awakening and to that end, the guidance and healing that this generation brings.

Thank you to all Pluto in Virgo souls for bringing us back the goddess vibration!


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Simon Vorster Bio 216x300 Full Moon in Gemini Earths New LanguageSimon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 10 years.

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  • Aurataya

    Hello Simon,
    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible article with us all, it’s greatly appreciated.

    I have to say that I can confirm the 2006/07 activation you note for this specific generation as 2007 was the exact year that my own life changed dramatically. It was like being pulled through some sort of totally transformational energy which completely turned my world upside down and inside out and redirected me in areas where I knew on an inner level my attention should be directed, which was basically where my journey began on a spiritual level. I just had to dive right in there and start discovering and unraveling and it was at this point I clearly knew I was heading on the right track for the first time in my entire life.

    Since that point in 2007 I have never looked back and have continued to expand in so many ways and have experienced some truly amazing events. I was born in 1962.

    Again Simon my sincere thanks to you for sharing this information as it really hit home for me. Be well always and continue to shine that gorgeous energy of yours out into the world for us all to bask in.

    Thank you so much. Be well always.


    • andrew wakefield

      hi simon
      that article was probrably one of the amazin things ive read concerning what is going on at the moment.
      i was born 2 months before the moon landings
      in 2008 i began to feel rather ill but several doctor visits later could not pin down a cause before that i had been a very fit and active person as im a builder by trade
      in 2012 i just by a chance meeting found out i could communicate with spirit and this has lead me on to an amazing journey into the unknown my life has taken a complete transformation from one desperation uncertainty hate guilt and more to finding peace and understanding articles like yours offer clarification to people like me who are trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. there is so much i can tell i ve tried to keep this as short as possible.
      many thanks keep up the good work.
      the planet needs it

  • Simon

    A lovely comment. Thank you, for sharing your story.
    So pleased it resonated with you and it offered clarity.


  • Cam McNaughton

    Simon, have you written anything similar for those born before 1957?

    • Simon

      Hi Cam, Not at the moment. I do intend to as this article was well received.
      Pluto in Leo Generation coming soon 🙂

  • Dwight

    1956, but I totally identify with this.

  • Name (required)Telli Rocket

    I was born in 1957, March 8th. I’m Pisces and my true awakening initiation happened in 2007. Thank you for this beautiful article. Between what I have have been reading in Urantia, Delores Cannon’s work and articles like this, it is filling in many, many pieces to the puzzle. Kisses!

  • islandgirl

    This was very interesting, Simon. Thank you for the article. Have you written anything for the younger souls (born in or after the 80’s)? I too have been feeling a vibrational change in the air, but I’m very early on in my awakening and transformation and I am just so fascinated by articles such as this one. I just want to read more and more. I have an open mind and consider the possibility that what we “KNOW AS FACT” might still be a distortion of the realities that we have created thus far. We come to conclusions based on the knowledge that we have…. but if we are missing a big part of the picture, then the conclusions in which we have deciphered as absolute fact really is an incomplete distortion of truth and a false reality. I’m not sure if that makes much sense and I don’t mean to ramble.

    Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you have on other good articles/reading materials that you have written (or read).

  • Lori

    Just wow! Thanks you for sharing your insight. Your words of wisdom resonate as the sweetest sound of truth to my soul. It makes beautiful sense. And as a capricorn (1-4-1970) I am steadily and surely walking the path of self enlightenment. I so appreciate any insight on the journey. Thank you, thank you!

  • Diane

    Hi Simon, your article deeply resonated with me also. I was born in 1965. I knew from an early age that my life would be devoted to spiritual things, I wanted to be a nun! I have dealt with great personal trauma and although I had an awakening at the age of 30 it hasn’t been till now that I am seeing the effects begin to play out in my life. There was a time when I couldn’t even verbalise socially and now I think whatever I contribute to the world will be around what I have to say. It truly is transformation and I am very grateful to be part of this work we are all doing for the planet and each other. Blessings and love to you, Diane x

  • Miss6

    Thanks very much for this article Simon. It has explained a few things for me personally …

    I’m a Scorpio/Leo rising, and Like Diane (#10) I devoted myself to religious and spiritual things from a young age too – there was even a time when I wanted to be a nun as well!!! Go figure – hi-5 Diane, haha.

    Regarding comments which you made about “internalizing crisis while growing up, intense irrational persecution, ridicule and judgment … being rejected from groups and labelled outcasts – all because you essentially carry the vibration of transformation” … I’ve certainly been there – I was bullied from the year my father passed away when I was 12 years old, until I was16, and again like Diane it created issues involving trust and self expression/verbalising, and I express myself alot better on screen/paper or print, lol.

    While looking for work I spend my days sharing transformational news and information far and wide around the world in an effort to wake as many people as possible …

    Thanks again for the article Simon.