2015 in Astrology: The Year of Manifestation

2015 in Astrology - The Year of Manifestation

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

What an incredibly exciting time to be alive! Since 2012 humanity has been experiencing very powerful shifts in energy and awareness. The veils that have kept us from seeing the true nature of reality are being removed, and this cosmic saga will continue to get even more intense as we passage deeper into 2015.

As we transition through important points in this year’s solar cycle, the nature of what reality actually is will truly be discovered, and there are a number of important astrological alignments in store for us to help the process along.

Keep your seatbelt securely fastened! Here we go! Everything has come to this, the time for humanity to start taking a stand for the new direction is now! Who is in?

So what are we experiencing exactly? In this article I wish to offer an astrological perspective of the nature of our awakening to which you are able to add practical ideas and ways of integrating it into your life.

Uranus in Aries

As with all things, to really make sense of the present we have to understand the events that have shaped us and brought us to the point we have arrived at now. Without going into too much detail about planetary definitions, we have since 2012 been experiencing the brand new evolutionary cycle of Uranus in the sign Aries. Amplified by the Square it has been making to Pluto in Capricorn, the energy of the Uranus in Aries cycle has been the major cause for all of this new advancement within the evolution of human consciousness. The structures and models in which we have previously lived have been broken down. Our old outdated perspectives have been brought to the surface and through a collective unrest a new evolutionary impulse has begun to emerge. A new direction and a collective awakening is the result.

Another layer to this story plays out on a much deeper level, and unless we are paying really close attention to the energy flow most of us won’t actually see it materialize… yet. This is the gradual rebalancing of the negative and positive expressions, the masculine and feminine, the expressive and the receptive, or simply, the Ying and Yang. This cycle of harmonising is part of a gradual shift that is happening on Earth, but which will take a long time to become grounded in totality in our physical reality.

So at this stage of our cosmic journey, one natural cycle is ending while our new identity is being manifested, shaping and designing our lives to hold the new direction of our consciousness. As this is happening at a collective and individual level, each and every one of us plays an incredible role in making this happen. The simplest thing you can do at this point is allow your heart to be open and present. Until now we have learned to keep our hearts closed off, due to many distorted experiences and outdated beliefs. This evolutionary cycle of Uranus in Aries is an invitation to live more wholly, to understand and embrace our inner truth, and to manifest our new consciousness into reality. This is why as, we progress into 2015, a brand new chapter truly awaits us – and I personally feel this one is going to be big!

Saturn in Sagittarius 2015 – 2017

This cycle will bring about an interesting dynamic to the way we have been seeing reality. Much of what I feel will change for us is the relationship we have to each other. As we remove the illusions of separateness and move past the barriers that have been instilled into the collective human psyche, we will be asked to see past our own ego based perceptions of ourselves and to see the interconnectedness we all share.

The way we see ourselves will continue changing and evolving. Our challenge will be to assimilate our newly discovered truths and understandings, both personal and shared, into our manifest reality.

Jupiter Trine Uranus

Continuing this theme, the Jupter Trine Uranus cycle will be an interesting one for us as we will be heavily invested in what Uranus has been reflecting to us since 2012. This aspect will heat up our creative spark and really revolutionize the way we are seeing ourselves on Earth and the way we are going about integrating our sense of special destiny into the world. From here on out, this message stands to be very clear: as our existing social structures continue to break down, each and every one of us will be asked to step into a role of individuated authority over our own lives. Unless you take charge and full sovereign ownership of your life, at all levels, nothing is going to manifest for you the way you want it to. So… buckle up, and BE the change you wish to see in the world. You are needed in this consciousness (r)evolution! It is time to follow your dreams, no matter what!

The Final Pluto Uranus Square

Finally! I think many souls will be pleased to see the back of this planetary alignment. I am not going to lie, this formation has reflected incredible chaos in people’s lives. So much loss and deep personal confusion. On the brighter side of things, this alignment got us where we are today. This is one of the greatest, most important alignments of our current times. The main reason I speak of this transit in this way is that on the deepest level, our outdated perceptions and ideas that were previously crystallized into our psyches are now laying fractured all over the place. Our job now, is to try and integrate a totally new identity, and to heal the wounds caused by those distorted modes of being.

The Retrograde Season

The retrograde season this year will bring about much individuation. The motion of “retrograde” always reflects the natural law of breath and more specifically, retrograde will reflect the process of inhalation. When you inhale, you are in the “receiving” space of going back within. Think of it as a mental retreat.

During the months of June/July 2015, we will have Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Venus in all moving in Retrograde motion. What this pattern will be showing us is an intense reflection of how we go about aligning our choices and desires into the world. By June/July, Jupiter will have completed its cycle through Leo leaving all our creative ideas and lifelong dreams and desires out on the table. With this phase of self-discovery completed, what the retrograde cycle will induce is the necessary key ingredient for manifestation… Individuality. This is because our creativity reflects our individuality and our individuality reflects our creative expression. So, by August 2015, Jupiter will have moved into Virgo and the path of true, creative service to rebuilding humanity begins. Will you be ready?

The Cardinal Cross – Fundamental Change

During April 2014 we had a total formation of planets that directly changed and set in motion the reshaping of direction for humanity. This was the Cardinal Grand Cross. I won’t go into too much of the detailed astrology of this aspect, but the effects of that alignment are being felt extremely loudly today.

The way you can simply identify this effect is through the current division between old and new beliefs, values and opinions in the world. The awakened and the sleeping. The anti-vaccine vs. the vaccine. I will go deeper into this concept in an coming article “The Shift”, but for now… what the Cardinal Cross really symbolizes is a change in direction (Aries) that reflects a formation of a new identity (Cancer) that then has a direct effect on social relations (Libra) which in turn impacts the total construction of our reality (Capricorn). Pretty neat hey? This new direction will continue to be shaped as we move along the Earth timeline. To transcend this, embrace the unity of all things; that we are all of the same source.

2015 in Astrology - the Year of Manifestation - insert

Pluto in Capricorn – Freedom from Within!

It is time to re-program your own mind and develop your ability to consciously rise up and above the pre-existing system. This current movement of Pluto through the sign Capricorn is arguably one of the most important transits of our current awakening times. As explained more thoroughly in my previous article, “Understanding Our Ancestral Timeline”, since 2008 we have been experiencing what you can call an involution of the pre-existing structure in which we have based our reality on, including our conditioning patterns, social norms, thought behaviour etc. These structures and conditions hold our truths that then inform and become the nature of our reality. Make sense?

Since 2012, we have been experiencing an energetic shift back into our natural vibration – an awakening – and this has had a direct effect on the way we live our lives. These new, liberating changes and impulses have created the beginnings of a massive change in direction for humanity. This shift currently having, and will continue to have, a profound effect on humanity and its choices over the next coming years.

Pluto’s return to Capricorn only occurs once every 248 years. Pluto’s current transit through Capricorn (until 2023) now sets the platform for the culmination of an entire chapter of human evolution. It is at the very baseline of all the changes taking place.

Capricorn is associated with Cardinal energy. Very simply put, cardinal energy (that of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) reflects a change that induces a motion for a new direction. This alignment has a direct relationship with Libra, Aries and Cancer. As our desires start to shift into a new direction, a new formation of social rules, conditions and truths are being created. This process within our consciousness is now at a point where we have shifted our focus from seeing what the problem is to figuring out how to fix it. Awareness is the first step.

Pluto Square the Nodes of the Moon

Finally, Pluto has recently been making crisis aspects to the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes of the Moon are abstract points in space that reflect two dimensions of reality. The South Node of the Moon reflects the aspect of our emotional reality that were formed by experiences that have happened, and we experience this as feelings of security. The North Node of the Moon reflects the dimension of time that is unconditioned to notions of security and awaits the free interaction of your consciousness. There is a middle point, the Moon itself, which reflects the present moment — the constant space in our conscious awareness that reflects that relationship between what has happened (past) and what we feel is available for us (future).

So as Pluto makes these squares to the lunar Nodes, which act as aspects of tension, we are faced with the deeper process of integrating new paradigm thoughts, truths, awarenesses that reflect completely new social norms and ultimately change the nature of our constructed reality. Such new direction requires total inner security, to support our journey into the unknown as we deconstruct the false constructs of security in our outer world. Moving from the present into the future (as opposed to clearing our past to move into the present) can only manifest itself from within. Change starts from within! Be the change!

Neptune in Pisces – The Return

The purpose of Neptune is really to induce a state of spiritual integration; to bring awareness of the spiritual nature along with the physical, and unify the unconscious and conscious.

At present, Neptune is actually moving through its natural sign of Pisces, which is one reason why we are all resonating so much with this spiritual awakening; our natural connection to our spiritual self is reflected and amplified by the return of Neptune (consciousness) to its natural sign Pisces (source energy). This cycle will continue to infuse you with inspiration and acceptance of the higher realms of consciousness. This is what many call “the 5D” or 5th dimensional reality. What is really important to bring to our attention is the need to find love and to let it guide us in our journey. The return to our roots and origins are also brought to light during this cycle.

Because it reflects the return of consciousness and source, extreme sensitivity is often the result of the Neptune/Pisces vibration. So what will be happening during this 14 year cycle is that our sensitivity to our environment will be heightened. We are and have already become more sensitive than before to products and consumables that are synthetic/chemical based, and we are finding ourselves increasingly unable to tolerate the failing synthetic reality our society has embraced since the industrial revolution. So, bearing in mind that Neptune (sensitivity) and Saturn (physical form) will be forming crisis aspects to each other throughout this year, we will have this element of life brought to our attention even more.

This will be a challenging experience to deal with since what is essentially being reflected to us here is the need to remedy areas of our lives in which we are individually and collectively out of alignment with our natural ways of living and being. Many of you reading this at the moment would have already come to understand this, and many of you have no doubt begun seeking natural (not chemically-based) products, honoring your body with more organic ways of nourishing your bodies and adopting natural dietary methods of natural hygiene and health care.

Your body is organic and is directly connected to nature and the principles that exist within it. Your body responds to your environment and at a cellular level is in constant communication with it. Your body warns you and tells you when something is wrong. But how much trust do we place in our bodies telling us what is important to us, and how much trust do we give to outside authorities to provide us the answers? The Neptune in Pisces vibration asks us to reclaim our sovereignty and to make the changes that bring us into alignment with the spiritual body.

Another aspect that I wish to address during this time is the need for discernment. Neptune in Pisces can also cause feeling of hopelessness and despair. This is actually a natural effect of Neptune’s vibration because it induces the effect of things dissolving, and the emotions that result in that process. If your security is found outside yourself, in external attachments, then as Neptune promotes changes in the formation you will naturally be met with those feelings. The key with this 14 year cycle will be to help us gain more clarity about what is the actual nature of our reality, and what will support our return back to the state of balance.

This cycle will not be easy. All personal illusions that reflect outdated emotional attachments will be removed, which can be incredibly confronting. So, during this time it is important to apply the Virgo archetype of discernment and asking questions, following a logical sequence, and making sure there is proper application of truth in your life. The Virgo archetype represents the energy of grounding thoughts into the physical, by applying practical approaches implement change in the world.

Spiritual Truth cannot be perceived from any state that is not aligned to absolute truth – and thus ‘spiritual mastery’ is the product of a transmutation and renunciation of all illusions. Lies and pretences create barriers and resistance to true intimacy with the Universe, so be careful of the big ‘false promise’ of salvation from an external channel or waiting for a government to fabricate a ‘disclosure’ about a saviour. You are your own saviour! If you wait for salvation to be gifted to you, you may be sorely disappointed. For the Universe to be completely open to you, you must be open to it.

Finding Your Place in the World

The message that 2015 holds is very clear. As we are now fully entrenched into a global transmutation, the time for each and every one of us to take control of our lives and face the truth of our reality is here, now. All outdated philosophies, truths and prejudices about what we “know” need to be reformed, and our evolution at this time will be an ongoing and intensified search for our personal truth. Our intolerance for fear-based media and control structures will become even more heightened. Our desire to find our natural connection to Earth, each other, and natural law will inform our sense of duty.

We are now being asked to manifest our gifts into the world, and build a new world around us. The creative spark that exists within each and every one of us must be allowed to shine brightly! We are all here with a purpose. NOW is the time to manifest it.

In order to follow how the process of these planetary changes unfold, please follow my regular New Moon and Full Moon updates. I also provide personal guidance to individuals, based on their own unique signature, to help them objectify and validate their own inner knowing and strengthen the connection to their higher self.


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    I have had a TOTAL Spiritual awakening, that have reawakened my Physic and Energy Gifts!!! I truly believe that we are going through a Change on ALL levels!

    I am a Scorpio, and feel like the Phoenix, arising from the ashes, and am ready to soar!!! I know that I’ve been told it’s time to put my abilities to the use of Good for those in distress! I had to let go of my own self doubts, and sense I did, I finally feel free!