New Moon in Sagittarius – Our New Horizons

New Moon in Sagittarius - Our New Horizon

22nd November 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Our New Horizons

Whoo! We survived! What an incredible month we just had with the sun’s movement through intense and confrontational Scorpio. It has been an amazing  journey that has readied us for the next step in our cosmic evolution. The cosmos gave  us a nice boost of inspiration with the recent  alignment of 11:11. This month’s cycle is now all about expanding our philosophy and aligning  to  our personal truth. So during this month we will be experiencing some incredible healing and finding deep spiritual connection.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

A quick review of the last month cycle…

I would like to quickly review the last month’s events for us, as I feel that the Scorpio month was very important. We really were pulled down into the depths of our psychology and asked to survey what lurks beneath the exterior of everyday living awareness. What surfaced for us were deep unconscious psychological patterns and fixations that reflected personal limitations. A part of this was also reflecting deep wounding from patriarchal conditioning. For much of the Sun’s transit in Scorpio we were exploring these distortions and healing the wounds. A strong theme that was linked with this cycle was us becoming more aligned with our most intimate desires,  and understanding the motivations and intentions behind what is driving us forward along this new earth timeline.

In essence this cycle left us wanting to find our place in the world and figure out what we desire to do with this new found sovereignty. So with that being said… What does this next step in our evolution hold for us?

The Sagittarius Vibration

Within our consciousness, Sagittarius reflects to us how we connect to our deep intuitive knowing. In human form we define this as our personal truth. As humans our connection to Mother Earth/nature is  hard-wired, and  Sagittarius also reflects to us our relationship with  natural law.  Natural law is simply defined as  the  rights and  values that are inherent to  human nature, or universally cognizable by human  reason. For example, our inherent right to freedom is a natural law, whereas laws regulating industry are not.

On a personal level, as mentioned above, Sagittarius will reflect how we personally see and experience the spectrum of creation; the personal perspective we use and share when interacting with the world. Our spiritual selves use the Sagittarius vibration to explore and expand what we know as our lives on this Earth timeline. It is what we define as our journey, our personal story. The totality of all of those experiences becomes how we personally interpret creation.

Sagittarius (personal truth) through its polarity Gemini (language) reflect how we communicate our personal truth and intuitive knowing to others. This is why whenever mainstream science tries to debunk astrology, you can always find humour in knowing that the very communication (Gemini) of that personal truth (Sagittarius) reflects its very validity as a mirror to our inner drives. Astrology reflects to us who we are and is one tool amongst many that help us interpret deep truths that guide each of us in finding our way back home.

Finally Sagittarius will correlate to the right brain function. The creative aspect of our minds and our intuition.

Important planetary alignments to note…

How has time felt for you recently? Is it speeding up? Are days just disappearing?

Mars has been moving along through the constellation Capricorn for just under a month now. He has been really inducing a state of inner reflection for us and also amplifying the Saturn in Scorpio  story which by the way is now starting to culminate. (To learn more, please see the article  New Moon in Scorpio – the Resurrection of Desire.)  Mars also moved across Pluto and created for us the feeling of new evolutionary path. (Please read the article Full Moon in Taurus – 11:11 – The Return from Darkness to Light  for a deeper perspective.) He has now been making aspects to Uranus in Aries and to Jupiter in Leo.

Now in the context of our cosmic journey I see this as a feeling of deep restriction. This in fact is really helping us even if it might be causing frustration or a feeling of being stuck in airport terminal waiting for a connecting flight. What I see with this configuration is our need to be mindful that quality comes with maturation. And that this energy is really holding us in check as we continue exploring  other aspects of ourselves. It is like learning to ride a bike for the first time  – we use training wheels so that we can adjust to the new experience, helping us to stay balanced while we figure it all  out!

It also reflects an energetic build up within us. This, I also believe, is the reason for the perception of time speeding up. Capricorn correlates to experience of time/space and Uranus will reflect the experience of acceleration. But the deepest layer that exists for us here is the opportunity to fine-tune and connect to our inner self  – the space that exists in us that reflects the source of who we are. Our inner truth. Our most natural and balanced way of being. Our timeless essence.

Moving along with this planetary configuration is the aspects the Sun, Moon and Venus are making to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This in my view is an incredibly powerful alignment. On the 16th  of November, Neptune changed direction and started moving in direct motion again. Connect back to that space in time and see if you can remember having a moment of “aah”… a moment  that  wasn’t just incredibly deep but which also brought an immense amount of clarity for you. This New Moon in Sagittarius  now challenges you to start exploring that new sense of spiritual clarity in your life.

The connection between Sagittarius and Pisces in the zodiac reflects the natural process  of connecting one’s personal truth (Sagittarius) to the totality of the whole truth (Pisces).  Pisces reflects the one, the source the totality. In combination  with  Sagittarius, it  reflects your  connection to your intuition.

A really deep and sensitive subject that we are all faced with at the moment is the message symbolised by Chiron in Pisces placement. Chiron will be also turning direct on the 23rd  of November, a day after the New Moon, and for humanity, this is reflecting the process of healing a deep internal collective wound  – one that has been chosen by humanity to experience.

Humanity’s  collective spirituality has been inhibited  by  man-made religious institutions for at least the last 2,000 years, and one of the deepest distortions in the teachings of these  patriarchal religions has been the notion that spirit and flesh are separate.  This perception of separation feeds  a deep unconscious rejection of our spiritual nature, and by extension, feeds  the misconception that the “unseen”  is separate of our more obvious physical “reality”, and therefore somehow not a valid part of the human experience.  This false perception of separation between our  physical and spiritual realities  tells us  that, as mere “physical beings”, we are also separate from god/love/source itself.

But the distortion  goes deeper than that. Institutional religions  also  perpetrate the myth of hierarchy within that separation;  that god is not only separate to us, but superior to us, and that  we therefore need to suffer in order to experience love (god)  and  atone for our sins in order experience heaven.

A powerful question to ask yourself… Why are humans the only living beings  on Earth that have to pay to live? Nothing in nature pays rent and bills, or has property rights, or  works for the privilege of  buying  the Earth’s abundant resources from others. This truth of this is a deep reflection of the disconnected  place  humanity finds itself at  this point in time. From a dark, unnatural past, we are returning to the light. We are returning back home to our natural states and finding deep truths — that love really is the ultimate vibration, and that we deserve it as it is our natural sovereign birth right. Self-acceptance and self-love and, through that, the extension of love to one another is key.

New Moon in Sagittarius

As the conjunction of the Sun and Moon bring us into lessons that will be reflected in this Sagittarius cycle, we will be invited to work on many layers of ourselves. On the deepest layer, we will explore our  real and critical alignment with nature, and from that perspective we will understand how to build our new home on this planet.

Our challenge? We have a duty as a global community to protect and nurture the essence of life – that which we truly are. It is time to speak your truth, to dance to your tune, and to be as colourful and vibrant as you can possibly be. Honor  the inner god/dess and allow the love to flow.

Collectively we are embracing this process.  We are working  to bring  ourselves into balance with the true nature of our being, and  creating a better future  for the generations to come. And through that process. we are aligning to our own personal journey. What a great time to be alive!  This cycle will bring with it joy and excitement. It will also light up the way for when Saturn moves into Sagittarius in December 2014. It will reveal to us the start a new evolutionary chapter for humanity. One in which I personally see is filled with hopeful potential!

New Moon Mantra

I am connected to the essence of my soul and know  that I am what I have been searching for.  I am rising back to the surface of reality and see the world with new eyes. It is now time to ponder the endless possibilities of this  world… what to experience… how to live… and why. It is time to start manifesting  my new commitment to myself and the world, to bring my truth into reality  – to experience it  first hand. I have been to the darkness and confronted my fears. I now know what it is to be a sovereign being on this earth. I am ready to  explore what I came here for and why. I am ready to live. I am stepping into the light. I am the light.  I am the change.

I am the change,


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